White Saddle Bumpers

Bit of an odd request, but please bear with me :).

I recall seeing a picture of an Oregon that had an orange KH seat with white bumpers on it a while back, and I like the look. However, I can’t seem to track down the picture now.

But it got me wondering if anyone could post pics of their uni’s with white saddle bumpers on their colored seats. I know it’s weird, but I’m trying to see how it would look on my next build.


This is one on a freestyle uni.

Any more pics out there? Would be awesome if someone knew what Oregon I was talking about and had the pic…

I know it’s big but I couldn’t be bothered downloading/resizing, plus it gives a better view of the seat :wink:

my daughter’s 24

Beautimus guys! That’s what I was looking for!

White Bumpers, Okay !

Here is my Nimbus Oregon. I didn’t like the original green color, so I stripped off the old paint and tried several colors before settling on this gray color. The saddle is the Nimbus “Cowskin” Gel saddle. Of course, it isn’t really leather, but just polyester.