Post your "big" unis here :)

I know there are a lot of threads like this already, but I’m making this thread because i like seeing other people’s unis and my 24" unicycle’s wheelset broke today during my crankflip attempts :frowning: so I want to see what everyone else has on there big wheel uni’s so i can get an upgrade idea :slight_smile:

(ill post mine when i fix it :slight_smile: )
so yeah post your big wheel (24"-36") unis here :slight_smile:

24in dx frame stock wheel stock pedals waiting for new 50/50s and crappy qr

Already exists… for both 24"/Munis and 36ers… Use the search fonction!

24" really isn’t that big of a wheel.

now THAT’S a big wheel!

dude. seriously?

i wanna buy a big wheel and do tricks and stuff.

Has anybody ever ripped the frame off one of these and rode it like an ultimate wheel?

lolz i was just thinking about that, but i realized the plastic tire wouldnt have any grip. thats why people use those to skid and slide