Post Your MUni here!

So I’ve been wanting to see peoples MUni’s and specifications of them.

Heres mine:

KH Fusion Freeride Seat 09
KH Adjustable Seatpost
Nimbus 24’’ ISIS Wheel with KH Moments, 150’s and Trailmix Pedals
KH 08? Frame
Magura HS 22 Rim brake

Ok! here’s mine! But I’m waiting for a brake, I should get it soon. Anyway here it is.

Torker DX wheelset
NimbusII orange frame
Custom trimmed Coker seat
Gazz 2.6 tire
Axiom Double jump pedals
Magura HS-22 raceline brake (Coming soon!)

Here’s my geared 26":

stripped KH29 frame 07
KH/Schlumpf hub
KH09 fusion freeride seat + T-bar
KH seat post unadjustable
KH single bolt clamp
KH moment 225/150 cranks
Odyssey twisted PCs
TryAll 26" x 47mm drilled rim
Nokian Gazzaloddi 26x3

I’ll post it’s little brother KH24 soon.

I really like your Guni. I hope I could get a schlumpf hub one day too:)
I hope your cranks are not really 225mm and 150mm long:p

So here is Wickie:

KH24 2008
Magura HS33
137 moments

Here’s mine…

Frame: Lightweight CroMo Nimbus II style.
Hub: 20mm diameter 36-splined hub with a dual keyway.
Bearings: 20 x 42mm Sealed bearings.
Cranks: 165mm super strong CroMo splined cranks, chromed.
Rim: Alex double-walled deep section rim.
Saddle: New Onza Kris Holm saddle.
Weight 6.5kg

If I’m going to keep it, (which I think I am) because I want a Coker Big One before upgrading my Muni, than I want to powdercoat it pink and see if I can put Moments on it, not sure if I can. No brake because so far I don’t need one, because I’m still a newbie, eventually I might and it is set up for a brake, so whenever.

Thanks! And the cranks are of course 125/150s. I am having a lot of fun with it, but I am really looking forward to get some brakes installed once I get a frame that is compatible with the hub, tire and the maguras…

I think you can put moment cranks on that hub. The moments are ISIS and this hub is splined ao it wont fit. The only way to put moments is to change your hub.

That would be awsome with a brake, It would be the perfect Muni/XC machine!:slight_smile:

Thanks, that is sort of what I was afraid of. I don’t think I know enough about all that to try it. I can deal with what it has as they are fine, but I have Moments on my 20" and really like them so it was just a thought, especially if I have to take it all apart to paint it eventually anyway.
I appreciate the input, saves me having to ask later. :slight_smile: Did you go for your Coker ride today? I went to three parks and rode till I was exhausted and had to dismount, even remembered to dismount with uni in front (practicing for my Coker, haha) awesome fun!

you have seen that the surly frame is now availible on

its in the 26 wheelsize and schlumpf compatible? plus it has the magura brake

Yes, and it’s €300 :astonished: and weighs a lot. But I would get it if it were cheaper. I just asked them if the Koxx frame could work by any chance but didn’t get an answer yet. That would only cost €50 but I’m afraid it isn’t compatible with the hub…

Just take off you cranks from both unis and you’ll see, the splined hub is smaller than the ISIS and I dont know if they both have the same numbers of spline.
And yeah I did a really small Coker ride, it was rainy so I havn’t been really long outside today. It was only like 15km.

The Koxx-one frames aren’t compatible with schlumpf hub, because they have “un-machined” bearing holders. I dont think it will work with a Surly frame too. Just wait until the KH26 frame is gonna be compatible with 3" tires. KHs are much better IMO.

I will a pic tonight.

KH Freeride 08 seat
Kh adjusterble seat post
Echo TR Hydraulic brake
Nimbus Balck double bolt seat clamp
Nimbus Orange Frame
JC trailmix pedals
137/165mm Moment cranks
Duro wildlife 24x3 tyre
08 24" kh rim’
08 KH hub

I always wanted to know if they would fit on Magura brake mounts. I’ve seen a couple and they look awsome :slight_smile:

yes they fit like a charm. Its also an echo TR lol

'07 KH
150mm cranks
Thomson Masterpiece seatpost
Swallis Base
Nokian Gazzoloddi 24x3"
Dirt, Mud, Blood. :smiley:

lol nice

Really makes it into a MUni.

ally1776 I think your Frame or seat is on backwards. Nice MUni’s.

Nimbus 29" 2008
Custom frame paint
KH Freeride saddle
KH Moment 125/150 cranks
Coker Pi bar w/ foam grips (not pictured…)
WTB Nanoraptor 2.1 tire
Red blinkie light for safety on the way home : )

Love the big wheel, it handles rocks and roots like a champ. Love the dual cranks: 125 great for getting to the trail, 150s great for torque on uphills and steep drops. Pi bar is great for when the trail levels out, and it doesn’t get in the way.