Post your 32er here

As we have a “post your 36er here” I thought I would start a 32er thread… here is mine:

Frame: 2012 KH36
Saddle: KH slim
Handle: KH
Wheel: Walmart 32 inch donated from a beach cruiser bike
Brake: Schimano
Disc: Magura
Hub: Schlumpf
Cranks: KH spirit 150/127

UDC in the UK arranged for the frame to be powder coated in purple… it looks and feels awesome!! I ended up with a spare wheel which UDC built as a fixed for me with a 48 hole nimbus hub with ISIS

Oh, now that’s very nice looking.

Here is Noras 32", doing road service:

Frame: 32" steel frame, chrome (28" Trainer Unicycle Frame, extended with a 20" Trainer Unicycle Frame (42mm))
Saddle: Nimbus Gel Unicycle Saddle, Purple/Silver
Handle: KH
Rim: Walmart 32 inch donated from a beach cruiser bike
Tire: Walmart 32 inch, sanded down on the edges
Hub: Nimbus ISIS 48 hole
Brake: no
Disc: no
Cranks: Nimbus Venture ISIS 100mm

I sanded the tire on the edges. Now it is handeling corners pretty agressive.


I’m so ashamed, my poor 32" has been in time out for the past few months, awaiting my next tire build :o

So I guess the time has come for a 32" Frankentire build, the question is: what tire will I use?

I’m thinking Ardent 2.4, though a Hans Dampf 2.35 would be fun :smiley:

I also considered going skinnier, maybe a 2.25 Ardent…to cut weight and make it more nimble.

Has anyone heard rumors of a retail available 32" tire/rim as components?

Heard something from the qbp rep

I can see another Dusseldorf marathon champion in the making!!!

AH HA, Nora has the same people in the background as a couple previous pictures. She was in the race with you. Very good indeed.

That’s dusseldorf?

I recognized the girl in the hat from before. Latest ride…pg 506.
Never forget a sharp hat:D

Nice 32" Schlumpf, Alan!

If both the above 32" unicycles had donated rims from Walmart bikes, how come one has 36 spokes and the other has 48? Do the front and rear wheels on these bikes have different numbers of spokes? Or have you used a fancy lacing pattern, Alan, missing some of the spoke holes in the rim?

Because a schlumpf is 36 hole and the rim is 48

yup there was no real option on the lacing as the schlumpf has 36 holes so we just skipped every 4th hole and taped it over :slight_smile:

For my fixed wheel Roger had 1 48 hole nimbus hub with ISIS so we used that which looks pretty neat with the purple nipples and is a great finishing touch :slight_smile:

Go the distance

So when are we going to see your first 100 mile-in-a-day on this Alan? :wink:

alans uni.jpg

She looks serious about winning.

Maybe at the end of this year… but I still think for very long distances Fixed 36 might be better? the schlumpf is always a bit stressful to ride when tired :astonished:

Geared is better I think. If you’re too tired to ride in high gear you can still ride 1:1. Been there.


My franken 32"

It’s on it’s 3rd tire now. Unfortunately the new tire is a tad to tall for the Triton frame.

Maybe? … but I think the longer cranks and additional weight of the schlumpf is a bit of an issue… possibly when I have more experience I will think differently?

Incidentally I just weighed the G32… its 8.78kg complete

Weight of the Schlumpf is essentially non-rotational. Of course, strictly speaking the hub does rotate but the weight is at the hub so you won’t notice its momentum. And the additional weight compared to a non-geared hub is not that much. Long cranks are IMHO not an issue either, on the contrary: you might like them if you’re tired, so I think their length is an advantage by that time.

That’s light!

Look what just got put on UDC!