Post Unicycles for sale on other sites here!

Every once in a while a good deal on a unicycle pops up on ebay or some other site (craigslist etc.) that I don’t want, but someone else might. This thread is to help the unicyclist community become aware of these unicycles. Feel free to post links and other things.

KH trials for $250 in Edmonton, looks to be in good condition.

Torker TX giraffe $55 - Sherwood, Arkansas, USA
This uni is not mine. It has been for sale for a long time.

8 foot giraffe at $150 on ebay. Only problem is shipping it.

Way too far from me, and way outside my ability level, but someone might be interested:

Hey guys, UDC UK is selling impact naomi saddles for 12 GBP :astonished: . Apparently they put in bolts that are too short so they will have to be replaced, but at that price who cares. They can be purchased here.

If you want to order one and you are in the USA they come to about $15+ shipping. (Note that if you order from outside the UK they remove some of the cost for tax reasons.)

That is insane! Any idea what shipping to us/canada is?

I’m intending to order a Nightrider frame, and for that they quoted me 29 GBP shipping. I figure it shouldn’t be that much more to throw one in. You can just send 'em an email and ask.

im waiting for a oregon on clist local

Woo-hoo UDC UK didn’t charge me any extra shipping to throw a saddle in with a frame, so I just bought and Impact Naomi saddle for 15 bucks! :astonished: :smiley: :sunglasses:

And what frame :wink:

Nimbus Nightrider/impulse 36er frame :). I don’t have enough cash to get a wheel yet, but I intend to collect parts slowly.

Thanks for the heads up. I just emailed them for a shipping quote.

Any idea why the US doesn’t sell the frame only? I’d be tempted to get one if I knew that my original Coker wheel would fit it.

EDIT: After posting, I figured I might as well ask the US store myself, so I just sent them a message.

I’m pretty sure that they no longer make these frames. I’d appreciate you telling me if they tell you otherwise though.

The orical frame replaced it

That’s why I bought one now without waiting till I had enough money for a wheel. I didn’t want them to sell out, and at $60 without shipping I was afraid that they would sell pretty fast. I read somewhere that the manufacturer had a hard time getting the frames straight because of the hoop design, so I guess they just quit making them when they came out with the oracle. I really like the nightrider design even though I’ve never even tried a 36er. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it also and it’s quite stiff

That coupled with how awesome NB’s looks with an oregon hub is what won me over. :smiley:

ThAts the one I rode that won me over! I rode a night rider with rim breaks and made me hate 36ers

Trials uni in Richmond, VA