Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

I also read somewhere that you should bail as soon as you feel that in the next few rotations you will probably tumble off. Unicycling is much more forgiving when you make a mistake of momentarily lose you balance. You can more easily regain it, but with UWs the wheel will probably twitch or pull sideways, so I’ve been able to hop off in time without trying to make corrections. Mostly once you’re in the rhythm, you can get a long way.

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Still need to get a few more things for them. Built myself a lean mean muni machine.

It’s red-headed freewheeling sibling I took out on its inaugural run.

Number of unicycles is actually U+2.


Looks like mr christmas was busy delivering RGBs!!

I got mine built up too, The black wheel is my freewheel which it is going to be , I have put the yellow wheel which is a fixed wheel in just so i can get for a proper ride as my freewheel riding still needs work.

Hi IvenBach yours look great , How are you getting on riding freewheel ? Are you new to freewheel ?



Nice video, looks good!! Not quite a world first however…

You also find people discussing it here in the past, though most give up and go with a studded tyre in the end

I think I’ll also stick with the studs, personally. :wink:

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UPDATE: Project Completed

It took 15 months, but the Large Marge build is done.

I am very thankful to @authoritimmy , for donating the Surly Large Marge 24” rim for this project.

+Surly Large Marge 24” rim
From @authoritimmy

+Sapim Leader Candy Purple spokes
This was my first-ever wheel build, and it went very well, once I watched the necessary videos and read the necessary instructions via referral and via websites.

+Koxx/K1 (New, Old Stock) hub
From @Felgenbremse

+Koxx/K1 (New, Old Stock) 140mm cranks
From @Felgenbremse

+Crank Bros Stamp 7 purple pedals
From Amazon/Crank Bros

+Mad4One Large Longneck Purple Muni frame

+Mad4One Long Handle Saddle

+Koxx/TryAll seat post
The original seat post on my Koxx Track Monster, which was way too short. It’s perfect for this build.

+Hope purple QR seat post clamp
From Amazon/Hope UK

+Specialized Big Roller 24x2.8 (actually a full 3” wide)

+Maxxis Downhill tube
From Amazon/Maxxis


Royal purple! Nice build! Enjoy riding!

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Fat tire 20" with 75mm cranks. It will be my travel uni/the one I use for strength training in the winter :slight_smile:

Because I love ridiculous builds, it will be give a disk brake and used for muni (small stuff)

I’m testing a theory that with a good brake, and riding short (75-100) cranks that are on my other unis it will control well downhill. The 4" tire rolls over everything, and the smaller wheel with tiny cranks means I can get a high cadence to ride through obstacles easy.


It’s hard to believe that a 20" x4" tire is even a thing. Who makes your tire?

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Vee make such tyres. They make them for a few cargo bikes, kids fatbikes and also a handful of ebikes. I see a few such bikes here in Norway. Indeed one of my colleagues has one.

You can find a few 20x4 tyres here, though there are more than this

A lot of ebikes run fat 20" tires so there’s a few different manufacturers. You can get a few different tread patterns too. All of them are made well, but it’s difficult to find one that’s light weight.

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I shall assume this is the tyre you have on it now?

FWIW the Mini Hatchet also has a tyre of that size and before that the Nimbus Purple monster.

[@Bug72 You even commented in that thread! :crazy_face:]

Though that URC frame that @Sexy has would actually be a better option for an adult as discussed in the Mini Hatchet thread.

P.S. I actually have the same frame in the same colour myself (well… it is technically my daughter’s but…). I have yet to put a fat tyre on it. Perhaps I should? :thinking:

Check the rim Marco is selling. It’s a bit thinner from a true fat tire rim (I’d have to double check but it’s like 30-40 ID vs 60-80 for a 26" one.

The tire is still pretty wide though and I’m not expecting and trouble riding off road with it.

Took it for a ride to work yesterday and it can actually get some good speed on it, not as fast as my 26 or 29, but it was comparable to a 24" I’d say

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In some ways that sort of makes sense. While the big tyre will be heavy, on such a small wheel it probably isn’t too bad, all things considered and the outer diameter must be getting close in size to a 24 anyway. In addition, you have such short cranks.

Might actually work quite well as a travel unicycle. I mean if you took it apart and deflated the tire I presume you could get it in a regular suitcase. :laughing:

Yeah, I had a 24" sold recently that was supposed to work for this but a 20" can fit diagonally in a carry on.

Though it is a 20" I find a fat tire is a good cheat code for traction, but have also had what I’d call similar results with a 2.8" as well. So if I do travel with it, I’ll probably look at a smaller tire.

I just have winter trails near me that require a 4" tire to ride and this will def be a work out

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Today I picked up this beauty from FB Marketplace. The seller had the age old story of having bought it but never learnt to ride it, so to my benefit she was selling it way too cheap because she didn’t really know what she had. I paid R800 (or £33 at today’s exchange rate), which is a bit of a bargain.

It’s set up incorrectly, and I’ll sort that shortly, but for now I’m just chuffed to have a 24" in my collection.

This is my eighth unicycle.


A good catch - my 24" is my most used uni - it’s such a useful size - you can get up to a fairly good speed (especially with shorter cranks), but also carry or push it into a shop with no complaints.
Are those ISIS or cotterless hub + cranks?
My latest unicycle purchase I’m not really counting as a whole unicycle since I’ve not even reassembled it since it was delivered (and I’m supposed to be slimming down to just two unis for a downsizing house move). However I spotted someone selling a 48 hole ISIS hubbed rusty 20" for just £10 in London, and persuaded them to post it to Derbyshire. So once I’ve moved I’m hopefully going to upgrade my original cotterless 24" to ISIS (I have an old frame with 42mm bearing housings that I can use).


That Nimbus is a bargain just for the ISIS hub (I’m guessing that’s the source of your thread about swapping out cotterless for ISIS?).

My daily ride is my 26er which I love, but have wanted to try a 24" for a while, so when this one popped up, I had to get it. Part of my plan with it is to pack it into our luggage for use in Blighty later this year, but I’ll have to see how the wife feels about that…

It also has cotterless cranks, but given their condition (almost new) I’m in no rush to change them, though I intend to get shorter cranks whilst in the UK.

Thanks for your PM earlier, I’ll reply later.

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