Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

You will find that cotterless cranks are just fine and they are so inexpensive you can buy all different sizes to try out for the same price as one set of good issis cranks. I have said it many times on this forum, I put more miles on my $159 used 29er UDC trainer with cotterless cranks than any other unicycle I own. May I point out trouble free miles and no crank issues. Enjoy


You’re right of course - but my excuse when I bought my spare parts ISIS uni was that it was being sold for less than even a pair of new cotterless cranks (and I happen to have a pair of 102mm ISIS cranks which is the next size I want to start using on my 24"). However my excuse has since broken, as a pair of (bright red!) 100mm cotterless cranks came up for sale on UK ebay soon after I bought the rusty ISIS uni, and I went and bought those too. So the current plan is to do a quick crank swap to get used to the 100s with my current hub, and then rebuild the wheel as isis when I have time, after which I’ll be more confident doing muni and hopping etc on that uni. But so far (without doing much off road and not yet having mastered hopping etc) the various lengths of cotterless cranks I’ve used on my 24" have been just fine.


We had a prolonged power outage today, so I chose to use the time to clean up the 24" Qu-Ax I picked up the other day.

Firstly, I put on a longer seat post and made sure both the seat, and the wheel were facing forwards.

I also swapped the pedals for a pair of Wellgo I had laying around.

Next up, I broke out some metal polish to have a go at the cranks, and I’m very happy with the results. Finally, I used some engine de-greaser to clean the wheel.

Overall, I’m well pleased with the result.


Isn’t the new seat post facing backwards? As far as I remember, the reinforcement should be at the front.

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I’ve seen some discussion previously on this, and came to the conclusion that it makes no difference.

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So for those who see my posts about my 29", you’ll know I love tiny cranks. I run 75mm on my 26", 100/75 on my 29", and recently I got a new 20" from Mad4one and put a set of 75mm cranks on it after selling a 24" wheel.

It currently is equipped with a 203mm rotor, basic dual piston Shimano brake, and a 2.4" Maxis DHF.

It was originally intended to be used for Muni (downhill specifically), but has started to be used as my around town uni. My 29" isn’t the best in winter conditions with snow so this was intended to help me practice riding above my usual 120rpm.

Well turns out if you spin fast enough you can get a 20" going 15kmh average. I’m calculating that I’m up to about 180-240 rpm now and have been loving this for transportation. It’s smaller and more easily transportable than my 26" but still of a good speed for getting around town.

I never though I’d be going back to a 20" after my learner but this has been a really fun uni to play around on.

Part of me loves when a stupid build comes together, and this is by far one of the best pay offs.

My only gripe is the paint Marco and the team used isn’t the most durable, but besides that the uni has been riding pretty well.

Planned upgrades are a new purple BMX rim to shave 200g off the rim and replace the fat tire tube that came with it. 20" fat tires are fun but I find the 2.4" at lower pressure rides really stable even in bad conditions.


Are your knees still okay?

Yeah, I’m used to the smaller cranks and exclusively ride them for a few years now. It’s partly why the saddle is so high but I’ve developed some good muscle power for the smaller rotation.

Foot placement on the pedals and knee alignment is very important but you find the ways to make it work.

Apologies, I missed your questions. I can ride with moderate confidence now. I take it on easier to moderate trails with success. I was new to freewheel when I started. I have been writing my freewheel successes in Adventures in Freewheeling - #240 by IvenBach. Been having fun with it. I need to get back to consistently ride it, rainy gloomy weather has kept me off it for a few days.

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New-ish build

  1. Carbon 700c wheel, aluminum hub, 32c GP5000 tire
  2. Custom 100/75 mm cranks to go fast
  3. Red accents to make it faster (it’s science)
  4. Amazing new Flansberrium frame with a locking loop, amazing bearing holders, lovely colour, and 3 cage bottle mounts front and rear
  5. Nimbus Air saddle because I love them
  6. Custom Flansberrium handlebar.

Jakob did an amazing job with the whole build. Couldn’t have dreamed it better myself and it handles amazing while still be very light.

The whole uni with handlebar (minus the 4lbs lock) is under 4.5kg/10 lbs (9.84 lbs).

This is what I’m calling “city mode”.

I haven’t posted about it but I’m currently also transitioning from a boy to being femme presenting non-binary. So I have been buying many pink things.

As such this build is being called Gender Affirming Care or GAC for short.

For unipacking I have a 45c tire and 2 cargo cages in hot red coming that will increase the functionality of this frame. But my first ride with the lock today felt super stable and it doesn’t change the forward/back balancing by very much.


What is the semicircle on the fork intended for?

I couldn’t imagine riding this one on 75, must be clone to getting airborne :flight_departure:

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Locking up the wheel. I ride it as my main form of transportation and it can now be safely locked outside if needed.


Ok, makes sense. Nice uni!

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Wow. This frame design is a really clever idea! I wish, unicycle frames came stock with bottle cage studs.
What is that fender?

Keep rockin!
:yellow_square: :white_large_square: :purple_square: :black_large_square:


That’s a sweet ride.

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Love the ‘city mode’ 700c you just posted, but it reminded me that I needed to credit you with / blame you for messing with my plans to downsize to just two unis with your recent 20" post. I’m not at your level of short crankiness, but after reading your post I got nostalgic over how much I had loved buzzing around on a modified Indy-Nimbus hybrid 20" with a 2.3" slick tyre and 100mm cranks when I was training up our then-puppy to run with the uni. My current downsizing plan is to go from 5 to 2 unis, keeping just a g26 (that may one day become a g29) and a 24". But I’ve just bought another 20" - for its ISIS hub and cranks only, or so I thought (see a little further up this thread) - and I’m now thinking that I may hold onto it, swap my old 24" hub into it so it goes cotterless, and transfer the 2.3" tyre onto it so I have myself a fast 20" again, as uni number 3. It’ll only be small after all, and I so loved spinning along on the small wheel (I got up to 192 rpm highest according to my Garmin app - room for improvement still!). I’ll even be rocking a bit of red in that setup, as I’ve picked up a pair of red 100mm cotterless cranks off ebay - not quite your level of colour flare, but I’ll treat them as a reminder of your 75mm cranks, and hopefully someday I’ll get some myself. I wish you well with GAC, with all its colour and the thought that’s gone into it - and all it represents of new and courageous steps for you

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Also your credit card is the limit. My short crank builds work best because I have selected tires that are light weight, rims that are lightweight, and tubes that are light weight.

You don’t need carbon/expensive stuff but 300g of wheel weight savings makes a huge difference. It was the comfort between the 75mm on the 700c build feeling sketchy and controllable.

Neither of these are what I’d called beginner friendly too but practice will get you there!

Glad I’m inspiring bad habits lol but those 2 unis are honestly covering so much of my riding.

G26 and a 20" sounds like a solid fleet too.


My KH G26er has changed and become a KH26er. I decided I had to experiment with the BrakeFast Schlumpf adapter but I couldn’t leave this frame / set up in bits so decided to test my wheel building skills again with this one.

Can’t say it is in any way advance - it’s not, but happily the nice Magura braided brake in white goes well with the Impact hub.

I’m so happy to have a knock about setup like this using the nice (IMHO) 26x2.5” High Roller Red Line tyre. Yep I’m sticking with 26” for a while I think as I got a few rare secondhand old skoll Maxxis tyres :yum:


Sexy, can you show amazing bearing holders closer?

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You only have to undo a single bolt and the other one swings out of the way. Very nice for crank adjustments on the fly!