Riding on Ice!

The chains i made used approximately 7m of #4 tenso chain (that kind twisted wire kind with two loops per link), the chain crosses the tire 40 times in a criss cross manner using 6 links per cross. The end of the chain was opened and closed around the first link with two pares of pliers. On both sides at the end of each V a thin rope goes thrue the end link. These ropes were tied in loops as tightly as possible then i used a third rope to tension the rope loops further by weaving back and forth inside the rim. This all cost me about $12 and took a couple hours to get right. The chains work well and look impressive but I prefer a studded tire.

In my experience screws designed for going through sheet metal with a rounded head work quite well, get a length that just barely stick out of your tread (1-3mm) as long studs do not work nearly as well. You want the studs short enough that they will allow the rubber of the tire to contact pavement when not on ice as this will give you better grip in a variety of situations and limit the amount of unnecessary drag when going through hard-pack snow. Put he screw into the tire from the inside and try to center them on a lug because if they are off to the side they may rip your tread when forces are put on them, I use a awl to punch a hole from the outside for the screw to follow. Cover the screw heads with duct tape or an old inner tube to protect your inner tube. Wider screws are also better than thinner screws as they hold better in the tread and wear less quickly. I’m going to be gone for a couple weeks but when I get back I will try to post some pics of my tires.