Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

After hours of tinkering, my new Flansberrium unicycle is ready to ride!


Fantastic! I wondered what that saddle is?

It is a bike saddle ISM PN 2.1
I have mounted other saddles of this brand on handlesaddle. They were PN 1.1
PN means Performance Narrow, it’s a relatively narrow range of saddles.
The 2.1 and 1.1 are made in a “40” density foam. They are the softest. There is a model with a “50” density foam, but it has a different shape.

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What all do you have packed on that rig? Do you camp or do overnight stays? Or do you just have stuff for day trips? I see you mentioned you did 100 km, was that in one day?

Thanks! It seems to be the most uni-friendly bicycle saddle I’ve ever seen. How do you feel when riding on it upright, without leaning on the handle bar?

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I made some “performance enhancements” to my Koxx Green Spirit trials uni.

For some time, the orange double-bolt seat post clamp has bugged me, as has the red rim strip.

I found a neon green seat post clamp, and had a white rim strip. I also switched out the Fyxation Gates white nylon pedals for Koxx/TryAll pinned aluminum pedals made by VP.

Lastly, a new valve stem cap was necessary.

The saddle is an Impact saddle with a removable cover. I have an extra black cover as well. I think it may be the older version of the Impact Naomi? It uses a Velo base.

Time will tell whether these enhancements will provide more balance for skinny-riding, or allow for more air when hopping. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Comfort is a very personal thing but I’m also a big fan of ISM saddles on a unicycle :slight_smile:
All credits for the idea goes to @toutestbon
I have three unicycles setup with a combination of a m4o handle saddle bases and different ISM saddles.
You can find more info in this post

I can’t imagine riding them hands-free but you don’t need an aero-bar to appreciate the saddles. I ride in a posture quite similar to what you would do on a city/hybrid bike.

M4O handle saddle base “L” on my KH36 / Nextie carbon rim unicycle:

… and fun fact is that “Adamo” spelled backwards is the name of the company where I have been employed for many years … it must be destiny :sweat_smile:


Thanks! The saddle really looks like it’s meant to be used with the M4O handle!

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Oh, a pit fighter II seatpost. Those were very sought after, because they lasted very long…even for top riders it would take half a year to break it.
A very nice uni you have there overall, Koxx one did make good unicycles, too bad the whole Koxx brand apparently wasn’t very good at business…

How comfortable are handle saddles? They really piqued my interest despite recently buying two new seats in search of better saddle comfort. Are they on par with Kris Holm saddles? My Freeride is the most comfortable saddle I’ve tried so far.

Are the Cranks good to stay there with your foot?

it’s a very nice and beautifull Trial.

Love your tire wall awesome the tan look.

Damn that’s really nice looks like a machine… A riding machine sweet.