Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

As someone with a little one on the way - I’m genuinely curious if/when they will be successfully riding that thing. Keep us in the loop! :smiley:

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Will do and congrats!

I suspect solo riding is more likely when she’s 3. Currently 2 years 2 months old.

Mainly depends on leg length and getting the physical wherewithal to understand and handle small tumbles.

This is to give her a ‘taste’ and for it to be more engaging that her trying to sit and “ride” one of my bigger wheels.

The key here is however I feel that: to her unicycling is normal and something she sees me do often.

So the logic follows that she’ll emulate this activity. It’s nothing weird and there’s no barrier to entry.

She’s not a physically shy child and is eager to move and try things so I feel pretty sure she’ll “get it” and one day shortly post 3 years, she’ll just: FLY.

But before then I’ll be holding her and saddle - with Jaz doing the peddling… then maybe in 6 months with some ‘just one arm / hand’ supporting.

It’s super cool to see her drawn to riding them without any parent persuasion or instigating - bless her! :heart_eyes_cat:


Same, my wife and I are talking kids and I’m going to be getting a uni for the small one and probably a cargo bike to bring the kid on Unipacking/bike packing trips. I figure if I start them early they will be willing to go on trips.

It’ll mean I get to still do this new hobby I love and give my wife some quiet time.

Also the extra weight of the child will mean amazing gains


Heres a picture of most of mine with the exception of my first cheap unbranded 20" and a 6ft girraffe which ive not ridden yet.

20" club
20" nimbus equinox
26" nimbus which was my first ‘big wheel’ and 'decent ’ unicycle
27.5" qu-ax odd ball bulid with a 20" freewheel
26" nimbus hatchet



Thank you for that photo! I noticed those stabilizers in an earlier photo, but the photo was too grainy to really see how you had built them. This photo might enable others to recreate what you created, and also own enhanced/upgraded BC wheels!

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Now all it needs is a brake mount!

There are different ways of learning UW. Mostly people learn by standing on it and pushing off away from the wall or post you’re holding. That didn’t work for me. I found a fence of about 50 metres long and would go back and forth along it. The only way to make proper rotations is to let go of the fence, so the balance is in the middle, but the fence helped me getting used to the sway of the wheel. I haven’t ridden it in nearly a year, because I ended up twisting my knees, but the feeling is now in muscle memory, so it won’t require many retries to do 20+ metres. I learned on a 28" which I had bought from
It would be sad to be able to build one yourself but not ride it. Just like normal unicycling it just requires persistence. Eventually you will be able to ride it.

my wife doesn’t allow me to teach my nearly 2 year-old son :frowning_face:

Not a great photo, but this pole worked incredibly well as the trunk of my Unicycle Tree.

edit: uploaded a better photo