Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

I started this thread with a picture of one of my unicycles. I might as well give an update. Now it has gone from a 26" wheel to a 29", cranks are at the 100mm position and finally I added a brake.



Still not particularly fancy but just to keep everyone in the loop on changes. :wink:


This shot was at Fairmount Golf Course park, in Cali.


I have no idea how you use those handlebars or that brake with the way you have it setup :grinning:.


With the knee I guess :smile:

:rofl: :joy:

The break lever slid down before I took the picture the handle bars feel good to me.

My current one, a 27.5" QX Q-axle, with the newcomer: a rusty, heavy 20" QU-AX generously donated by a friend, which will be used by people around me to learn how to ride a unicycle :slight_smile:

edit: warned me that the seat should be oriented to the right, not the left (I verified it and the frame is on the right side regarding the cranks). I didn’t pay attention enough when tightening the seat post :grin:

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M’y heavy 5years old dirty Muni. It’s a 26" Wheel with 150 mm ctanks.