Post a picture of your unicycle(s)

The helmet is a Fox “Macina” I actually got it a few years ago when I was commuting to work by electric bike and had a nasty “UPD”. Got launched forward and impacted head first on my forehead in my normal cycling helmet. Impact smashed the helmet to little pieces. Just got lacerations all over my forehead from the friction of the helmet. Now I wear full face helmets. Not shown in photo, but after that “UPD”, I wear Leatt Body protector (elbow, shoulder, back, chest pads), knee pads and wrist guards.
In the last 3 months commuting to work, I only had one UPD which involved a impact/roll. Wrist gaurds have saved me a few times.
My commute to/from Sydney Olympic Park.

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Thank you! I’m interested.

Today’s casual ride with Madam Butterfly (aka @Gockie ) at Sydney Olympic Park. Beautiful day other than the wind.


Thankyou Bruce! It was a beautiful day with a bit of wind. I wouldn’t do a social ride in SOP if I was just by myself, so thankyou, and thanks for taking the video :slight_smile: Went into some parts of SOP I had never been to before or don’t do much. :slight_smile:

It’s also the first time I did a regular 29er ride since coming back from Unicon. It’s been a bit too long between rides :slight_smile:


This outfit is absolutely amazing, I love it (I’ve already said it, but no reason not to say it again)!

It would be even better if the wings flapped in the wind :smile:

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If you are talking about my butterfly wing outfit, Thankyou!!
I have a variety of wings…. Butterfly, dragon, fairy…
I have other butterfly wings that you have on your back and attach to a finger too to make it flap. I’ve worn them a lot on my rides. Pic here! (Most probably also taken by @BruceC)

The jersey I wore today is “Brisbane valley rail trail”. I like it as it is very Aussie dry countryside inspired with the local birds etc. 161km/100 miles.
Would I do the whole Brisbane Valley rail trail again on a unicycle? No, once is enough I reckon (I don’t live close by). But I would do sections quite happily. Most sections don’t have enough tree coverage for my liking.


Don’t encourage her! There are tutu as well as wings.



VERY nice :+1:


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These are my 36ers that I love to ride flat land distance I really enjoy riding these two, they are so much fun every ride is an adventure. :+1:


Lovely to see a fellow rider with a Nimbus Impulse Nightrider 36er, it’s such a sweet ride.

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