Pictures of your latest ride

Jake Bulmer getting demolished by a wall.

How high was the wall? :smiley:

Now that’s impressive.

Great pic.

I love this picture!!!

That is one amazing picture!

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the color of envy

Darn you munirocks, I have been avoiding that “Oregon has arrived” thread (link below) trying to prevent buyers remorse from spending this year’s disposable income on a Schlumpf hub. I knew it wouldn’t be long before you guys would infiltrate my favorite thread. I gotta say, she’s a real beauty! Looks even better on the trail. Then again, green is the color of envy.

Was out riding the rail trail from Halifax to St. Margaret’s Bay here in Nova Scotia, thought I might post a few shots I got today. First few sunny days we’ve had here all season!

Is it just me, or does the uni look like it’s smiling? Great shot.

A little gravity

I think the unicycle is in “suspense” and Jake looks a little “bushed”

F*****g awesome dude!

Pictures from this afternoon

I got a friend to make a photo of me during a sprint attempt.

I hate it when my unicycle stops moving mid air…

Can you please post that video? I want to see how the uni ended up where it is! :thinking:

I reckon it bounced back off the corner of the wall. Would be interesting to see though, I agree :slight_smile:

Excellent pic, BTW.


The video has been posted here:

It looks like the unicycle freed itself and is flying back to the mother ship.

That picture it the perfect freezeframe! :smiley:

Friday afternoon I met up with SinisterJay and kb1jki for a couple of hours in the woods. Most of these were taken by Eric.

Well sorry David, but I’ve got some more taken by a girl I asked if she would mind taking some pics of me actually riding the thing. I don’t know why these sections look so easy when in reality they are pretty steep and bumpy. By the way, spending the money on a Schlumpf was not a mistake, I reckon. But this Muni is really fun as well (sometimes I’d like to kick in that high gear, though…).

Anyways, so here are some pictures: