Pictures of your latest ride

Thanks! Yeah, it looks good. It was either that or the qu-ax cross (cheaper). Specs are pretty much the same, but the nimbus looks better, so that became the deciding factor, though I hate to admit I paid for looks :confused:

Yeah but every-time you look at it you will be more inspired to go ride it. I’m not sure how the qu-ax seats are ether, I never hear about anyone using them. You’re probably better off.

My nimbus seats are a bit better than the one on the qu-ax 20", but the 20" is a beginner model, and the seats on the more advanced qu-axes might be better. In any case I’ve got a new KH seat for the nimbus 29", so I transferred it’s old seat to the qu-ax.

The Nimbus Gel is pretty good, but I like my KH Freeride much more.

yeah, somewhere
Where’s the parachute? :stuck_out_tongue:

I am now imaging cliff jumping, but with a uni!! How epic would that be?? You could do flips, then pop your chute! You could even put a leash to your leg, and pop a lil parachute for the uni when you let go of it!! haha

Already been done.

was riding some trials at the park and I talked to the owner of this fine machine!
Edit: This was taken with a cell phone.

Second time’s the charm! :smiley:

Working on my rolling hops. I think I need to practice more than once every 2 weeks. I was getting up higher ledges on my previous session.


Just a 24" club but I ride it more than my Nimbus Trials!

Try keeping up with Brian Oley on his Coker!

Fun with Photoshop.


Examining technique. Hmmm, more speed and kick it out in front further.


That’s a cool sequence. Are those frames from a camcorder rather than a still camera?

Still captures from a video layered together in Photoshop

Saturday morning at San Robles Trail, Thousand Oaks.
Overlooking the Conejo Valley.

Boston guys - looks like fun. We’ve got to meet up and huck it down some trails.

You should also check out this race, its a great 36er (or guni) course. I signed up too-late last year and couldn’t get in, but I already have my money in for 2011. Would be fun to have some more uni’s there.


I really can’t imagine riding with so much clothing on :smiley:
How hot do you get?!

winter hangs on here, paco & I enjoying the rocky mountain solitude

Me and Dane met up this morning at Cheeseboro trail in Agoura Hills, CA, for an epic 15 miles of awesome MUni on our 29ers!

7.5 mile halfway point as we reach “Dead Cow” Connector.