Pictures of your latest ride

My first post in here :slight_smile:

That was yesterday, just went up the hill near my house.

Ha! great! Those are some long cranks.


KH36 Rollercoaster MUni Movie!

Behind the scenes of the KH36 Rollercoaster MUni Movie - communing with the GoPro and KH36 :stuck_out_tongue:

KH36 Rollercoaster MUni Movie in HD at:

Terry, that picture is epic.

haha, thanks! It’s from this video.

Few snaps from uninats :slight_smile:

The skatebike, it was one of the strangest contraptions I’ve had the opportunity to ride.

I got to ride a giraffe, it was so much fun!

…and after attempting the muni course on our 20’s :smiley:

Cool vid - I loved the part from 1:30 to 1:45 where your shadow was giving chase.

I had a go on one of those recently as well. I was surprised how hard it was to ride - I was expecting it to be just like riding a bike no-handed but it seemed far weirder than that. Certainly nothing like a unicycle!

(it was on grass though, which probably didn’t help :/)


Camel Big One

Hey Straightarrow, I bet that ride would come have been a nice break when we did the STP. lol. I could just see the bicyclist when you pulled up on that baby.:smiley:

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Mt. Diablo Challenge

I just rode the Mt. Diablo Challenge yesterday. Last year there were six of us one wheelers, this year I was the only one. What’s up folks? Where’s the representation? :slight_smile: I took a couple minutes off my time. Got it down to 1:16:18 Placed 491 out of 773.

Pic 1: Watch out for that guy in the distance!
Pic 2: Rounding Devil’s Elbow. 10 miles down, one mile to go.
Pic 3: On the podium. After 11 miles and 3,300’ of climbing, I’ve just received the grand prize of the goofiest pair of warm up shorts I’ve ever seen. Thick fuzzy Shanghai Tartan long shorts. My expression says it all: “WTF? You expect me to wear these POS? You must have a screw loose.” I hope I wasn’t too ungracious. One of the organizers then handed me a black bag with 2 water bottles that I could put in my water bottle cages on my bike??? I stuffed the shorts in the bag and stuffed the bag under the truck. But hey, the hot chocolate was good.

It was a great ride. I love passing bicyclists, and on a ride like this there are hundreds to pass.


Devils elbow 1.JPG

Devils Elbow 3.JPG

Thanks Joebike! I like the chasing shadow too. I think I’ve got enough footage to make a shadow only vid so might have a go at that too.

Nice one, got love those hillclimb events! Congrats.

New fav. front range trail - centennial cone, pretty close to Denver with great rolling terrain and not as much rocks as some of the other trails near Golden. Perfect for the 29er.

Nice uni. I bet passing bikers is a lo of fun. That be impossible on my uni though. Well, unless they are 5…

Tartan is sooo last year.

Last year?

Sure we said it was last year last year :stuck_out_tongue:

<<<still wears tartan at every opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 2 of an unsupported coast to coast tour I did this summer. I love my tiny tent :smiley:

can’t get enough: after our downhillrecord on monday, i did a little downhill here at home: