Rock it, man!

Fast paced fun from 10.3.10.

Finally … I can watch in HD!!! Got a new Mac.
Looks terrific. Some of your best UCC in my opinion.
Funny ending>>>>

You did it again! Very cool video.

Nice ending too.:slight_smile:

Thanks Sean and congrats on your new mac!

'preciate it.

I should have used this for the opening title, or at the end, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • 1, 'cept I’m watching HD on my Droid X. :sunglasses:
    Great vid!

Thanks. What’s a “Droid X”?

With about mile left on yesterday’s 12 mile MUni ride, I challenged myself to come up with a new MUni-Poem. Here’s what I wrote:

Wheel of life”
By Terry Peterson (10/9/10)

Stretching and yawning, as the morning is dawning,
A new MUni adventure awaits;
Raw nature is near, but there’s nothing to fear,
As I enter the wilderness gates…

Geared up and ready, rock solid and steady,
As I pedal my way to the top;
My pulse racing fast, how long can this last,
Life’s so short, I just don’t want to stop

Cresting the hill, and getting my fill;
Watching the trail unfold;
A unique sport so new, and done by so few,
Leaves so many great stories untold

So onward I go, it’s a long road to hoe,
But it’s for this great challenge I live;
It’s my “wheel” of life, and I’ve paid the price,
And there’s still so much more I can give

Great poem - did you compose that while riding?! :astonished: :sunglasses:

Droid X is like an iPhone, but not limited by what Steve Jobs thinks you should and shouldn’t have.

Thanks. Yeah I wrote it while riding; that seems to be the best inspiration for me. I guess I’m even more hooked than ever…after 5 years! :smiley:

Here’s another:

By T. Peterson

MUni’s a lifestyle, ingrained in my soul,
without it, no doubt there would be a great hole
I live it, I breathe it, I can’t get enough;
Even climbing for miles, as I huff and puff!

Whether MUni or coker; be it trials or street,
For one-wheel fanatics, they can’t be beat!
From rocky terrain, to the local skatepark,
It’s all about challenge, and hitting the mark!

So go out and ride, there’s much fun to be had,
It’s the best sport there is, and it’s surely no fad!
You can learn in a snap, therein lies its appeal,
And soon you’ll be going extreme on one wheel! :smiley:

Nice. I’m relating to that more and more. Just bought my sixth uni in under two years (although I admit I used my kids as an excuse to get a couple of them).

Six unis? Haha, must be nice! I have 5 plus a bc, but I really only ride my 24 MUni, 29er and 36er on a regular basis. I also have an old 24" schwinn from the '60’s, and my still-newish kh trials, which has just been collecting dust!

I need to start riding that one again and learning some flat tricks. :o

I’m afraid we’ve hijacked the thread, but given that its your thread, I suppose that’s ok, eh?

I started with a Torker LX 20, then got a KH29. Got a cheap 16 for teaching my kids, then a Nimbus Black Widow 24 for my 10 year old when he got good enough. Coker next, and just recently a Nimbus 24 muni. I ride the 29 most for muni, 36 for commuting and some light muni, and the 24 muni with a road tire for skills practice. I anticipate (hope) that I will lose the second 24 to another kid in the near future. Three boys in all, ages 8, 10, and 11.

Please stop hijacking this thread.
Back on topic:

He’s a local guy, but not me.

:astonished: :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

That’s hilarious.