Pictures of your latest ride

Im lovin’ it Simon.

And I definitely didn’t have a mcdonalds today :roll_eyes:

hey aspenmike, perfect picture! so amazing. where´s the uni?

it is an amazing place, unicycle is under my bum, i was only unicyle mixed with 300 bicyclist

What event was it?

Some Pictures! Eventually

I went out to meet some cycling friends yesterday and thankfully someone had a camera so here are some photos of me being pretty boring…

Oh well maybe some day I’ll have some interesting pics to show. My black shirt didn’t help matters, made fancy light settings not work too well :angry:


Frame captures (GoPro HD) from this morning’s ride in Agoura hills. (9/4/10)

Kenosha to Georgia Pass

More high altitude Colorado singletrack =]

Nice short sundayride :slight_smile:

They look good Terry. Have you tried the GoPro in lower light yet? (like in a forest - presumably you don’t get a lot of overcast misty days in California :p)


Charity cycle ride around Llyn Brenig, Corwen, North Wales. Recieving trophies at the finish.

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Sorry to post so many photos. I figured a 2000km ride might justify a few more than usual.

On August 1st, I unicycled out of Ottawa with four other bikers (plus about 20 more for the first 10k) to cycle across eastern Canada collecting red handprints from people who agree that there is not enough media coverage of conflicts where child soldiers are used.

I could go on for pages here, but this is a thread about photos, so I’ll invite you to the website for more info about the cause and our tour and how you can help.

So, here are a few photos from that ride:

Rainy ride into Oka

Aero-bars make for a tall unicycle. They turned out to be critical though - by taking a big part of my weight off the saddle I could comfortably keep up a rhythm of 16-26km at a time without dismounting. We had several longer stretches including a 60k full-out sprint to miss the ferry off of PEI.

Break on the St. Lawrence.

Attempt at drying socks and confusing boaters.

Provincial flagpoles in downtown Charlottetown, covered in red handprints we collected there.

A very common sight during the Child Soldier Cycle. For the record: every bike except one had flats, several had many flats. Zero flats on the KH36.

The Child Soldier Cycle crew plus three other cross-Canada cyclists and our piper, just after getting off the 15 hour ferry ride to Newfoundland.

One of those “Welcome to [city name]” signs. This one was a bit more significant to us.

Action day at Signal Hill in St John’s on 30 August.

August 31st we rode out to Cape Spear, the easternmost point in North America.

Casual candid photo of me at Cape Spear

As far as I know, I’m the second to unicycle Canada; “Wobbling” Wally Watts did it ages ago. Anyone know anything about Wally? There’s an old thread on here about him, but that’s about all I’ve ever been able to find on him.


Phil- great ride, and great cause to ride for! Really well done :slight_smile:
That last photo is epic!

What a fantastic set of photographs of your ride magnustudios. Of course the last photo is just awesome in its cough casualness :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah also loving that last pic you got there.

Here’s my Nimbus 29 on a neighborhood tour, enjoying the view:

…and here by the 900 years old church ruins, about a km from my home:

I can hardly ride yet, but I love to “tour” the local roads. :slight_smile:

Please show some respect to my main man, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wow, that 900 years old church ruins would be awesome for a cool Trials ride! :roll_eyes:

A glorious day in New York. I got up early, rode my Coker from the East Side, across the park to the bike trail along the Hudson, rode all the way north to the tip of the island, then all the way south to the battery. Then I took the ferry to Governor’s Island for the NYC Unicycle Festival.

I really loved the Hudson bike path. Since the days when I lived in the city nearly 20 years ago they have opened parks making the river accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. Great walkways, great views, great facilities, great people watching! Rock on New York!

I have a few more photos on Flickr here:

My thought exactly. It would also be quite illegal, though…

After the storms over the weekend the sun made an appearance. Good ride on the 24 GUni. Huge erosion in some parts of the bush from the heavy rain.

Found trails lined in old bones and beer! More pics and bla bla in blog at: