Pictures of your latest ride continued

What. A. Vista.


Yeah, I’m disinclined to stop too.

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That’s a stunning view

Maiden voyage of NightRider 36” brand new build.

Such a lovely autumnal outing today. The sunshine. The leaves. And that green wheel.


I’m intrigued to know how it feels going from a G36 to a regular 36er? Any impact on your confidence or was it an easy step that didn’t need much thinking about?
Hope that makes sense.

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Ah so I haven’t got my G36er. That’s arriving as a Penny Farthing next Saturday - and this is basically making room for that wheel (my excuse for building a new fixed is my KH frame will hopefully take the G36 wheel)

But this new build is with shorter cranks than I’ve ridden in a 36er before 137s from 150s and the Nightrider Lite tyre is very different. The biggest change for me is the wider hub. From 100 to 125.

I think this is all good practice for when I get, tinker and get the G36er up and running.

All going to be part of my Schlumpf learning journey.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Northsea; in DK.

This is what I’m dealing with, typical October weather. Rainy and foggy.


A tour in the autumn forest. This autumn has been mild. It could have been snow here.


I stopped to look at the info plaque but sadly, this being South Africa, it had been vandalised and removed, so I have no idea who it’s supposed to be :frowning:

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The sculpture is named Assemble (by Lionel Smit as @Duff noted). I think it has been wandering around a bit.


Instead of using Google, from now on I will use @Duff & @frode


I was out yesterday for the first time in months with my son down by the beach.

Good ride if I wasn’t tipping of it every now and again, that’s the lack of practice to blame for that I guess.


Not quite to the level of some peoples riding pictures but I’ve just had a couple of hours in leafy woods with my hatchet at a place I’ve found close to home. Longest trail is about 3/4 mile but there’s many trails that can be mixed and connected giving mix of uphill, downhill, off camber and tight tech sessions which made for a great ride.

Riding trails covered in leaves makes it trickier and definitely is improving my skills.


Fall is my prefered season (too bad my knee is just healing)


My niece/sister ride in their skirts (including their failed attempts at unicycling). Good job!

Nice weather, phenomenal ride.


Took my newly built Uni for a ride on some nearby trails. I was afraid that the wide and quite aggressive Bontrager XR4 29x3.0 (approx 1,1kg) would feel either to sluggish or too bouncy at 20psi but to my surprise it just floats over many obstacles without bouncing. I guess it must have fairly well constructed casing/sidewalls that are able to dampen the tire sufficiently. The only downside to the tire so far is that it’s quite noisy on asphalt and it also rumbles quite a lot on asphalt. But hey it’s not designed for that use :sunglasses:

I will need to get a better brake. This was just some cheap cheap Shimano brake that I had as a leftover from a two-wheeler but it’s quite weak and I’m afraid it will run out of power on some descents.

Also looking at the picture … I just discovered that this handlebar setup (which is new to me) have a near perfect spot for a bike computer well protected between the saddle and the handles… need to try that.


Bleed your brake, and put some new pads in. I’m sure you will find they work as good as new.

Thanks for the suggestions. They are bleed very recently but the pads could definitely be contaminated. I’ll try to change them.

Edit: Just did another ride (did not change pads yet) and tried to compare the “power” and “modulation” with my other brakes. I think the issue is not really about the “power” but the “modulation” is quite poor on this Shimano brake compared to what I’m used to. Maybe change of pads will still help :slight_smile:

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