Pictures of your latest ride continued

Had a nice ride this weekend. My wife’s family has a trailer/camper about an hour drive away from the city that they spend their weekends at. My wife and I went down for a night and it was a semi unipacking trip. I packed my food for the day and my clothes, it was a nice 17-21° C, and I had a light tail wind, the road was paved and flat and the cars were really good about giving space.

I have a 400km trip coming up at the end of July and I’ve been a bit nervous about my fitness but this ride and the previous ones I posted about made me more confident I can do it.

At the end of last season I did a 96km ride and it’s my current record on my 29" and this one came out at 93.6km. I managed to keep a 15 kmh average speed and only stopped for 1.5 hours of the 7.5 hour ride.

Also I’ve started just having knee pads on 50km+ rides as I’ve had a few bad falls. The past 2 long rides they have paid off and saved me quite a bit of pain. I tend to get sloppy with my handling when the fatigue kicks in and not having trip ending crashes is nice.

It was literally perfect conditions with not as much gear as usual but I’m still happy with the results. Next unipacking overnight I’m going to try for a 100km ride just to say I can, but for now I’m happy I’m on track for the trip.

I slept all of the next day and was exhausted with my knee joints hurting. Not sure if I had the saddle height bad or of my body is just not used to lost distance rides after winter but I was feeling quite accomplished after this :slight_smile:

Stats for the nerds below and some lovely pictures of the ride.


First two rides with a Continental Contact Urban 29x2.2" on a newly build One4all 32h hub with a Race Face AR 30 rim using Sapim Race spokes and Sapim Polyax alu nipples.
Optimal tire for asphalt but also handles the dry gravel sections without issue.

Using a d-brake as I changed from external disc to internal but is reusing the KH frame. After a bit of modification to the IS->PM adapter everything is correctly aligned.
It looks a bit hacky but it seems solid.