Look geocity pedals

Took my 29er road out for a couple miles to test my Look geo city flat pedals out. The have a vibram rubber pad on each side with no pins. Click on the picture to view


I was wearing new balance running shoes and gave me plenty of grip on a flat surface with minor elevation changes. I found them quite grippy and allowed me to make footing adjustments quite easily. I have the off road versions on my muni and I have rode some gravel paths with them and found them grippy yet easy to make footing adjustments . I’ll post pictures of my muni tomorrow, it’s at my work.

These are the pedals I have on my muni.


I have the same exact pedals on my Muni as you do, and I love them. They allow me to reposition my feet better than I have been able to master with pinned pedals, and my feet have not yet slipped off of a pedal (I’m probably not riding hard enough, according to Kris Holm, although his quote had to do with falling.)

While they do have “pins”, they are short and rounded which almost eliminates the cheese grater effect some of my grippier pinned pedals have on my shins.

I have wondered how I would like the Geo City pedals on a road uni, and appreciate your review of them.


I picked 2 pairs of the geo city flat and the I pair of the pegged on ebay around $35 a pair. They are usually around $75.00. I have also been riding these venzo rubber grip pedals on my 29er udc trainer my 32 udc titan (indoors) and my GT talera hard tail bike.


Although a little heavier they are nice and grippy and are only around $15 a pair on Amazon. The center is a nice pliable rubber that grips your shoes.

Here are some of my other unis with non Pegged pedals / rubber grip pedals. Click on pics to view.



Thse links go nowhere for me. Do yu have to login to a google account to view them?


Sorry I will resend the pictures when I’m done with work.

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Look like the ones that came on an old Schwinn excercycle!

Try this

I like riding in vans and I always had trouble getting my footing readjusted with pinned pedals. I have had the nimbus metal pins, crank brothers pinned and both fixation and dynasty. I could also feel the pins thought the soles of my vans which is uncomfortable on longer rides .
The geo city pedals have removable pads, you can change colors or put pinned pads on non pinned pedals. I’m going to put a set of pinned pads on my 24 oracle for rougher terrain

Changing my foot position while riding forward is much easier with all of these.


Not downgrading your choice of pedals, I have a pair from a “by the curb” Schwinn excercycle I have on my dedicated beach ride uni. Just giving away a source of similar type, for more natural bare foot riding. LOL.

I think the big difference is in the sticky rubber compound used in these pedals that give superior grip without needing pegs. Your a Serious rider you should try a set on the road, I would love to get you opinion. The look geocity pedals in particular.

Here We Go, I use SPD clips

Got it. Say no more I didn’t mean to offend you .

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no offense at all, I enjoy this very informative exchange. love my flat beachride pedals ond unicyclists in general. Ride On !

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The look geocity pedals have interchangeable pads that allow you to switch from the rubber pads to the rubber / pinned pads. Takes the removal of four T20 screws, and takes about 10 minutes to complete . The first photo shows the rubber pads then the transition yo the pegged pad.

This is the pedal with pads removed
Google Photos


Hey guys, I’m currently looking at changing my old pinned metal pedals, and I’ve been interested in these ones.

Reading your posts, they seem quite nice for city rides and light muni?

And also, they don’t destroy your shoes?

And, they don’t destroy your shins. :grin:

That’s good, though I didn’t have any pedal + shin hit for, like 9 years (not saying it wouldn’t occur in the future) :stuck_out_tongue:

You can get the pinned pads , they swap ot very easily, gives you the best of both worlds. The pins on them are not extremely aggressive.

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I got the Trail Grip model.

Very satisfied overall Good grip unless your soles are very, very flat, like my old ones. I changed my shoes for the new ones:

Old pedals:

New pedals:

They have light reflectors on the side, which is a nice addition. My old pedals didn’t.

If you want to change the pads only, they’re expensive, like 65% of the overall pedal price.

They’ll very likely won’t eat my soles as my old pedals did because of the material used.

However, there’s an issue with my left pedal:

It was really an issue while riding, you feel the move in your foot and it makes a loud “clack” as you ride. I didn’t investigate and asked for a replacement. The right pedal didn’t have this issue.