Pictures of your latest ride continued

There were plenty of amazing riders at Unicon 2020 competing in the uphill event. Have a look on YouTube.
I got video of me riding up the switchback in the photo… it is fairly long. So here are some screenshots of my hill climbs as recorded by Strava. As you can see I stopped approx. every 100m elevation gain for stretching and photos/videos.

Climb no.1 127mm crank

Climb no.2 150mm crank


There is a section of the park that no one ever uses, and that no one seems to know what to do with. There are no signs labeling this section of the park, but it’s obvious to me that nature intended that it be used for unicycling.

I’m not sure what to call this style of riding, though. It’s not distance riding. It’s not Muni. It has some downhill aspects, but not like you will see in other DH photos. I guess it’s my version of George Peck’s rocky beach.

Plus, a photo of a tree I’m not good enough to hop over, yet.


Great crisp January ride on The Green Beast: Nimbus Oregon.

Warm and glittering in the sun :sunny:- but oddly enough the power companies are paying households to desist from using electricity today from 4:30-6 due to a worry over supply. Coal fired stations at the ready.

If only we could harness the collective power of all unicyclists. They would surely generate a gigawatt or two?!!


If we assume an (optimistic) FTP of 200W, we just need 5 million unicyclists to achieve A gigawatt of output and could sustain it for about an hour.


From my ride to work yesterday. I stopped for a moment to respond to a message I got on my phone (it felt a little too bumpy/icy to do it while cycling at this point)

Sorry about the low quality (I still don’t carry smartphone :stuck_out_tongue: )


That’s a nice view :+1:t5:

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That is totally doable, the problem is with storing and delivering it. How do you get everyone to connect a battery to their bike and ship it?

Doesn’t the hive mind conduct electricity over the uni-verse?

I’d be glad if collectively we could all boil each other’s kettles for a hot drink post ride :grin:

(Or just a dynamo for lights)

Back on my beloved 29x2.8 with the magical long Ursli-Bar.

I hate the term, but it is a: game changer

Cold and windy,
But today I don’t care -
The wheel rolls smoothly
The balance is there!
Trip forward we flow
As the globe rotates round
No UPD near,
No thud to the ground -
Aloft the clouds fade over and back
Grey greens, muddy fields
Fallen wet leaves
Crisscross the winding track:
And in this small mini-universe
I ponder our future
And never look back


As you could likely guess it says “smile”… and I did!


I rode a unicycle to go bouldering.


A road made for unicycling?



Today was a good day. I started the day with a ride on the 27.5 Oracle. Then when I returned home, I was able to go back out on the 24 Koxx White Russian.

Later in the day, my wife asked me to go “running” with her, and time it so that we could see the sunset. She runs. I ride. I took the Yellow “Al’s Special” Chopper. My wife and the dog were a little faster than me, but I got some good photos.


Yesterday we had a family trip to the local winter sport area around Altenberg. As this is on 800m above sea level there was plenty of snow and cold temperatures and it reminded me of my muni beginnings before the climate change kicked in more and more. So today I went there alone with my muni and curved around the skiers, sledgers and hikers, enjoyed being faster than the cross country skiers on even and uphill stretches and was fascinated by the tyres having more grip on the downhills than the 5/10 shoes (so better ride than walk). Comments were funny, a guy kept telling that this must be a mirage, others estimated that I must be tired of life (while they were gliding through the snow with planks bound to their feet). So all in all a great experience with some interesting riding, low risk due to soft snow but also a few parts that were not rideable at all.

Now down again in the Elbe valley (700m lower) with barely any snow left…


The dog and me passing some derelict buildings in an area with the romantic name of ‘Shining Cliff Woods’