Pictures of your latest ride continued

Awesome stuff!! @BruceC and I did it on 2 wheels as he had done it on one before and he suggested to do it on 2 as I hadn’t done it before. Doing Waterfall to Otford via train was a great plan on your part I reckon, my wait at Waterfall was 1h 45 minutes. I think I might do it like you on a uni, but do the 54km option and take the train at Waterfall. I am a bit worried about that long downhill having UPD’ed in Jan going down Mount Wellington Hobart and injuring a shoulder in a superman fall.
Anyway, wore fancy dress. Found riding a bike so bad for my wrists and for 2 days afterwards, had troubles with my left hand, it felt weak. It’s ok now though.


Another nice morning ride

For the last three rides I’ve also switched (back) to a Schwalbe Johnny Watts 29x2.6

For pics of the previous tire have a look at my previous post…

I still think the Vittoria has the edge in feel on asphalt as the Schwalbe adds a bit more rumble. However for my cross country riding the Schwalbe seems to feel slightly more stable. Maybe it’s partly due to the added weight (300g). Would be fun to have two identical Unis for true a/b compares. Maybe someday…


Where did you ride/take these pictures?

Pictures are from some nice gravel roads near my home. Dropped pin

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It’s a nice area

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Amazing sunny day in very wintery/autumnal November Bath!


some pics of our weekly sunday muni training (Team Ursli). Those are from today (three of them riding freewheel munis)


Great news and bad news, I did my first Unicycle century which was supposed to be the start of a 3 day trip. The day was mostly good fall weather and ended in rain but I had a pack full of gear and was feeling good.

The ride went very well, but 10km into day 2 and a bad crash I had to get my wife to pick me up. I got really upset in the car rode home as this was going to be the last big trip of the year but at least I got my century in.

Definitely doable but as someone who mostly did 60-75km rides for my long days on my 29" it was a challenge.

Though more unipacking is definitely in my future, I look forward to when I can get my fitness to the point of doing multi 100km days back to back, but that is a challenge for next year.

For now, some nice pictures of fall in Canada after the leaves are on the ground:


Riding out after a night of camping.


Nice work. I see your dogs got you well trained. :thinking:


Today’s sunny unbridled 36er ride.


Some of today’s riding, trying our my lights. I use four lights, a small helmet light, a red tail light, a small light that shines on the pedal so I can see to mount and the main light. The main light has separately adjustable wide angle and spot beams and the light is easily adjusted vertically when riding. Seems to work well except when you hit a rock hidden in the leaves.


the trace you leave on snow is extremely straight: unusual for a unicycle ! kudos!


what we did at the world’s childrens’,s day: Children have the right to relax and play:


I’d been toying of the idea of whether pulling a bicycle trailer on a unicycle would be totally crazy; pulling a sled in the snow is next level. Very nice!

Go for it!
Not crazy at all.

A smooth freemount is a must but once underway it’s actually easier than riding without a trailer/sled.
Your pitch control is dampened by a solid connection to your trailer/sled.

Do it… do it.

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After seeing all the pictures you posted here for years (I literally looked at all the “pictures of your latest ride” of this forum a few years ago) I can’t believe you didn’t downhill this slope. :smile:


Was a Amazing Ride and Time with a good Muni Friend.


Canoeheadted, that’s a quite straight track you’re laying down there!
(EDIT_ with the 36" in the snow)


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