Pictures of your latest ride continued


Today’s ride was across Kager Lk. then up and over to Long Lk.
Here’s between the lakes.

… and riding with my eyes closed. (not while turning around)


Why do you ride with closed eye’s?

I’m working on developing other senses with regards to unicycling.
Closing your eyes is fun and you learn to ride by feel and sound.

It’s pretty fun/scary to follow someone else that’s riding in front of you just by sound.
Or better yet, have them follow you and tell you to go left or right to maintain course all the while keeping your eyes closed.
Frozen lakes, parking lots, or unused roads are great places to try it.

30 seconds of blind riding sure feels a lot longer though.

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In the rain in Ireland with my newest setup:


First snow (5-10cm) of the year where I live so took a short loop (~2km) around the trails right next to my house…

It was my first Unicycling experience in snow (also a first wearing winter boots instead of Five Ten shoes) so I was a bit careful and the wheel also slipped a bit a few times where the snow was deep but fortunately no UPDs just a single planned dismount to snap a picture.

It was easier than expected probably due to the aggressive Bontrager XR4 29x3.0". But I also took a “safe” predictable route which has very nice and firm gravel path underneath the snow. I prefer to be able to predict my UPDs and I don’t like the idea of the wheel suddenly disappearing underneath me :slight_smile:

Post-ride picture from my driveway. Time to get some winter tires mounted on the car as well…


Don’t give the tire all of the credit… I’m sure the winter boots helped too. :wink:
I bet you’re a good rider.

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My first SUNI (Snow Uni Cycling, or maybe SMUNI, Snow MUNI?):

Supported by 408 studs:


Wow thats an awesome tire.

bet that tire has tons of traction in the snow and mud
I would imagine it could do more damage than your average pedal strike in a bad UPD :worried:

Yes but I would say it’s much less likely in winter conditions to UPD with this tire. Knobby studded tires bite aggressively into everything and give stupid amounts of traction. I’ve riddent them on an emtb I had in the past (more speed and force for a crash) and found my handling to be even better on one of these.

Today’s ride on the lake.


Time will show! :grin: Have you ever heard of any pessimist deciding to try unicycling? :wink:

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Had a blast riding in the snow today.
It was 10 cm of snow (that’s 4 inches in medieval units).
Riding downhill was such a fun.
Slight uphills were rideable, but I could only mount on declines.
On steeper uphills I felt like Sir walkalot.

Some more on


Yeah, nice to ride on snow with unis. I don’t see snow in this year.

Well done guys, great to see you out enjoying yourselves - lifts the spirits, especially the all weather riding too :slight_smile:

We only had snow (and below zero degrees) for a few days so now its back to wet and windy…

Took a 5km detour to pickup my kid from kindergarten (which is ~500m from home :slight_smile: )

Also 2nd ride with my newly rebuilt 27.5" wheel.

Stumbled upon a Bulls Hattori Carbon (45mm inner width) at a great discount, and with nearly same ERD as my previous Spank Race 33 (28mm inner width) so spokes could be reused.

Btw. its a hookless rim and it has this printed sticker…

kind of wierd to only recommend 50mm->63mm tires, but I guess they are just saying they take no responsibility and you are on your own…

Anyway I mounted it with a (also new for me) Panaracer Fat B-Nimble 27.5x3.5" (only measuring 74mm like a 3.0")! Fit’s nicely on the rim and it’s a not even a tubeless tire.

Will do some more experimentation with other tires with a bit more structure. The B-Nimble is a bit “bouncy” which is to be expected for a wide and lightweight tire.


Nice – I like the spoke nipples matched to the frame. :grinning:

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Maybe as a precaution, I will have plates along all my arm and leg bones. Then even if the bones break, the plates will keep them in place and I can keep going. Uhm I reckon you must have grown to full length before such a plate can be installed, Or the bone will grow away from it right…

If you have a plate of your bone it’s not the best because when you are falling of the plate the bone break not where the plate is, the plate is ending and then the bone break after the plate. You can ride uni with the plate but it’s not so comfortable. You don’t fall off the bone with the plate it’s painfull. I know that… it’s not the best way that work and iit’s not good for your body.

But don’t fall off your uni that’s the best way.