29" Muni Build Advice

Hey Guys,

I’m starting to plan out a wheel build for a 29" Muni. It will be replacing a 27.5" wheel I’m currently using and I’m planning to build it on the Nimbus 55" rim.

I currently have a 700g Maxxis 2.6" tire I was considering running or picking up a Duro Crux, but I heard they are hard to mount and I was wondering what people experience with them is? Also is anyone aware of it is a folding bead tire?

Terrain will mostly be hardpack with some sand and some mud. Some technical terrain but nothing too crazy. Mostly small rocks and roots. Due to lack of vehicle access while my wife is at work, part of this build will be to have it road capable for riding up to 10km to get to the trails and back so a tire that is easy to reinflate after riding is a nice feature to have.

Also for those that prefer 29" muni, what size tire do you run?

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Is the Nimbus rim the tubeless compatible one I think it’s called five-five? if I were building a 29 inch Muni I would go for a tubeless compatible mountain bike rim with a 32mm’ish internal width and pair that with a 2.5-2.8 tubeless compatible XC/mountain tire. The narrower rim will be better with the road riding to and from the trail (Will likely be lighter also)

If you don’t want to go tubless just throw tube in it and run it like normal but you have the option to go tubless if you wanted to

This set up will make for a very lively/responsive feeling 29’er that is very comfortable to cruise on pavement and excellent for The riding conditions you describe

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Hey Bacon,

Yeah it’s the rim you’re thinking of. The goal is to have the wheel and tire tubeless compatible and I may want to do that in the future. My current M4O wheel is a Shraeder rim so I’m unable to on this on

Great points. Part of the build as well is to let me have a tire for winter in Canada, we get some deep snow so the ability to run a 2.8-3.25 if possible would be nice. I currently ride a 27.5 x 3.8 for muni and it’s really nice but very heavy and makes groups rides more of hikes on the uphill for me.

I’ve found some options for 30/35 ID rims that were comparable to the 55 rim in weight and price so I’m debating between these options. Most of them have been the Halo rims on eBay, the T2 and Gravitas.

For the larger tire I’d want something that can fold so it can be stored a bit easier. The weight of the plus tire and rim would be similar to my current build but I was going to get a pair of the 114/142/170 VCX cranks as opposed to the 150 I currently ride with so I have the longer hole for when the heavier set up is on.

As I get further in Unipacking, my current road/touring 29 is running a light weight wheel with a 21 ID and has a 2.0-2.5 limit on tire size comfortably. Part of this 2nd wheel would be for when I want to do touring trips on more chunky trails which is where the 2.6 will come in.

With that, would you still recommend the 30/35 ID rims?

Another option is to just keep my current wheel for the winter but I’d like to simplify down to a single wheel if possible and just swap tires as needed. For this 2nd 29

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A wider rim would certainly suit a 3+ tire better then a 30mm rim but you can certainly use a 3.25 tire on a narrower rim but you may be robbing the tire of its intented performance parameters.

A 29 x 2.5 to 2.8 tire will certainly work on a 55 mm rim but again you will likely be robbing it of its best performance. I’m all for getting the most out of a tire/rim combo so I would be tempted to have two complete setups. Otherwise, I would decide which season would get the most use and where I wanted the best performance and build one wheel based on that

They do make Schrader tubeless valves BTW. I ran my triton with them and loved it. I’ll probably drill my current Presta rim out for Schrader as I much prefer that valve

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Ah kk so for the rim tire combo best to decide which tire I’d actually use more. Because I love my fat set up. It’s heavy but you roll over everything and it gives you stupid amounts of confidence

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You did not mention if its a 32h or 36h hub. If 32h is an option you could consider OOZY Trail 395+ Rim – SPANK Industries an id35 rim that is not too expensive yet fairly light. I use that combo with a 2.6" tire on my 29" and that is a good combo for me for some mixed terrain. I also tried a knobby 3" tire in winther and used it in some light snow (we don’t get much here). Also tried it with a 2.25" and that also worked quite okay.
Seems like a nice do it most rim width.

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Hey Hammer,

Currently looking at 36h sadly. UDC is my main supplier and they are low on the 32H for now. Did you get a chance to try the 35/3.0 combo in anything deep? We’ve got some areas that’s aren’t owed in the way to the nearby trails and it can get quite deep

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What kind of shoes/boots do you wear when uniing in the snow? My feet get cold and wet in shoes but I can’t fathom wearing full winter boots. I tried some hiking style in between thing I had but they were rather wide and clunky.

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So I wear a set of $30 insulated hunting rain boots from Decathlon. They are completely waterproof and we’ll insulated because wet feet will ruin any ride. They keep my feet nice and warm all the way down to -40. They will get cold if I don’t dress my core properly. My lower half usually has splash pants, a set of thicker pants or joggers underneath, and a set of long underwear for really cold days. That mixed with some good core layering really helps me stay good but my feet get really wet from sweat. Usually in the winter if I stop moving for more than a few minutes I usually shed all my heat.

I bike commuted for a few years before doing uni so I have gotten my layering down pretty well for Canadian winters.


Nah not really. We usually don’t see more than 10cm of snow in Denmark. And some winters there are no snow at all.
The best I can share is to quote my own post.

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That actually help a lot. The Bontrager was going to be my bigger tire for the wheel set. Would your recommend it for the kind of riding you did?

From the thread above I’m leaning more towards the 30/35 ID route now

Yes definitely. Its a great tire for softer / challenging surfaces. But also a bit annoying (like most aggressive tires…) on asphalt. So you can’t have it all.
Btw for you 32h hubs https://www.einradshop.ch/ have them available.

Great, also thanks for pointing out the hubs. I’ve yet to order from @Einradfuchs but everyone seems fairly happy with their products and they are active on the forum so I’m willing to try it :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback @Hammer @WeaponizedBacon

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@www.einradshop.ch and @Einradfuchs are two different shops in Switzerland and Germany. I have ordered from both and they have both been very responsive to my questions.
My 29" uni pictured in the snow is using a Kh29 frame from einradfuchs.de and a 32h hub from http://einradshop.ch :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes I have 99 pieces in stock )–o


Those look nice, I might pick up a pair next winter, along with a better tire. Also, I went to convert -40 and realized it’s the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit, fun stuff. On a less related note, looks like the forum is down at the moment, anyone else experiencing this? (I am responding via email and only get notifications of people that reply to me, so hopefully this isn’t a redundant forum crashing report)

I used to run a Duro Crux on my 29er and found that it had some pretty bad camber issues and was slow on klunky when it came to road riding. It absorbed a lot of bumps, but was also really heavy. I replaced it with the kennebec by Terevail on Unicycle.com/us, and it made a world of difference. Super light tire compared to the Crux and also smaller and easier to take on the road. While the 29x2.8 kennebec doesn’t absorb bumps as well as the 29x3.25 Crux, it’s way easier to pivot and control the wheel due to the lighter rotational weight. Also no camber issues. If you want to go for a good 29” tire, I’d definitely look at this one as a good contender. This tire would also fit your rim much more easily than a Crux.

Thanks for the feedback. Currently a shop in town has this one in stock:


Reviews aren’t horrible and I’m expecting a lot of camber with it. But I’m excited to see how it rides for muni. I’m also debating going with a 2.8" as there’s a few more option for tires and maybe getting the crux for winter when I’ll need it in my city.

My winter tire for my gravel/commuting 29" is a 2.6" so I always have the option to run that one.

Parts came in yesterday for the order too. I got the Nimbus 55 rim with an ID of 50. At 740g it wasn’t super heavy for the size too.

She is built! I tried it out with my 2.6" reckon on the new rim and I think I’ll stay with this one. I’ll be doing my first muni ride tomorrow to see how it handles but I think it’ll be good until the snow comes back.

It’s the winter tire for my other 29" so it was just in the bin anyways. I’ll probably use the money for the new tire for some purple pedals and a 100g tube. The nipples on the new wheel are purple too so it’ll match my other seat clamp too.

I’ll reassess then if a bigger tire would be helpful but this one’s still a nice weight reduction from my fat Tire.


Enjoy! If that’s a 29er your legs must be super long! With such a long seatpost it looks like a small wheel.