Photos of 2005 Kris Holm unicycles now at

Hi All,

Photos of the 2005 KH product line are now posted at

Prices and product should be available within a week from and Bedford Unicycles.

These unicycles are beautiful!

Kris Holm

Are the Pulse wrist support gloves available? I remember earlier discussion here on the forums when they were still prototypes. Did I miss something, or are they part of the 2005 product lineup and totally new? They look great!

I have one question I was looking at the onza hub and the splines are very thin and shallow. so i was wondering is it more likely to slip then your 2004 style (my favourite) also why else did you go to onza?? I am not trying to bash onza or anythging just curiouse :thinking:

Oooo! I want one! Unicycles have come a long way in the last few years!

They sure are pretty…

Couple questions:

  1. What makes the new KH/onza cranks stronger than the old onza cranks? . They look exactly the same…

  2. Why does the trails uni not have a bike style post?

  3. What quality is the post used? It looks to have a bonded head and very short rails.

  4. How strong are the rims? I expected a better profile, more like the arrow. These are very similar to alex’s, with a slightly deeper inner wall.

  5. Has anything been done about the quality control? I see a few things in those pics that are a little off…and those are the displays!

  6. Why all the secrecy about the price. Anyone can get a ballpark figure by just looking

I, too, am curious about this. I have been holding out on buying new riding gloves, waiting for these to come out. Will they come out anytime soon? I can’t wait to get a pair.

Sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere, but do the new frames and hubs use the more standard 40mm diameter (or 41mm, I’ve forgotten which is standard) of the Profile and also cheaper hubs?


One more question:
What’s the reason for going with the Maxxis trials tire? Is it better then the Monty and Luna?

look the same?

yeah pretty much, maybe a little wider but what im most curious about is what happened too the “Titanium splined ISIS hub with disk brake fittings coming soon” that Roger posted about back in 2003. did that just die? i dont ever forget…Rogers post about Ti hub in this thread

That will show you the exact price for the UK. I would guess the US/Canada prices have not yet been determined. Why give out a price that will be wrong? Then you get tons of questions from people who read the wrong price somewhere else. This can especially be a problem if the “ballpark” figure is lower than the final price comes out to be.

Price or no price, I’m gonna get me one.

I do like the way that no price figure sounds… but I think I’m good with my current set ups.

Overall Great Job Kris you’ve deffenatlly outdone yourself in bringing a better product to market in a very short time frame, I cant wait to see what the next gen stuff after this is going to look like.

I also forget little…BEVAN!

Is this the hub that “The hub will be 36 splined and is supposed to be as strong, if not stronger than profiles…(snip)…The weight should be comparable to a Suzue.”


Lookin Good

Will the new Kh onza hub fit on the old Kh frame?

Whoo! Smokin’ hot!

Price or no price, I’m poor!

even a blind man cant lead a horse to water.

I like the wide 700C rim… . No need anymore to squeeze a Big Apple into a 19mm rim… .


I really like how Kris had custom rims made to fit the needs and function of each unicycle. The freeride muni has a wider rim, the XC muni has a less wide rim, and the 29er has a wide 700c rim. Very cool. Much better rim choices than we had before by using bike rims. The trials rim and freeride rim are wider than the Alex DX32 that we have been using as the standard muni or trials rim.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the bike folks discover these rims and try to get them. :slight_smile:

My only complaint is that Kris has given the rim widths with the outside width of the rim. It’s the inside width, where the tire sits, that is the important measurement.

Re: Photos of 2005 Kris Holm unicycles now at

i like the hub and cranks they look cool also i kinda like the new look but perhaps do the frames come in different colours? :thinking:

Does this mean we can’t have any more Onza vs. KH threads?

I used a silver paint marker to autogragh the seatpost of my Summit last year. So many people had Orange Summits it was tough to tell them apart. So I like the way he took my idea and autograghed the seatpost.:smiley: