Photos of 2005 Kris Holm unicycles now at

wow, these unis look spectacular. i did not realize that you (kris) were making a new rim as well. i cannot wait to see it in person!

as it was said before in a couple threads, it is only coming in blue. i think the blue looks awesome, even better than the orange. its a pity that the seatposts arent blue as well, though.

i too noticed that the hub/cranks resemble the onza much more than the kh, although im sure that kris had much more influence in the design :slight_smile: .

overall it looks like an incredible unicycle.

Ok lots to reply on this, so a bit of a compilation.

Cranks on new KH/Onza hub. These are the same the Onza. So if you have an old Onza hub, it will fit these cranks. Although there is a new locking system fitted to stop creaking and wear which was the main problem with the cranks.

The pitch on the bearings is 100mm so it will fit the Onza or the KH unicycles.

Price, it is competitively priced… check out a set of BMX cranks and add in the price of a bottom bracket/hub.

Rim, it has been under test for about 9 months and has proved it to be as good as any other if not better.

Titanium ISIS, Joe who was getting this made got let down by his manufacturer. He has the design ready to go, but can not find any one to make it for sensible money at the moment.

The bearing fitted are 42mm bearings. If you have a pressed steel frame it is likely that you can get them to fit without a problem. If you frame has machined bearing housing that were made for 40mm bearings, then you can not use.

I think that is all…


I said what I had heard, and I still don’t see any evidence to contradict it. I never said anything about the titanium isis spline.

Really cool new unicycles Kris! I like how you’ve increased the number of splines and increased the crank length selection. I’d better start saving my pennies.

No need to complain- the inner width is shown in the inset picture- 35mm for the freeride rim and 30.8mm for the cross country rim.

kris holm rims.jpg

Ah!, I completely missed that info on the web page. Either that, or I read it and promptly forgot.

That 700c rim is cool. I think it may be the widest 700c rim available.

I hope the rims will be available separately. I may be replacing the old Avro Zum rim on my KH Pro muni. It’s bent and warped enough that I can’t use a brake with it any more. I’d prefer to replace it with the new KH Freeride rim.

without machiened sidewalls? at least you will scare all the deer away…

If it scares away the slugs I’ll be happy. :slight_smile:

We’ll have to see how the rims do with a brake. Kris was using what I believe was this rim at the California Muni Weekend and I didn’t notice brake squeak.

wasnt wet there was it? :roll_eyes: still i’ll take a taiwan rim with machined walls over a taiwan rim without any day. plus those rims wont be for sale alone for a very long time anyway.

The rims are hard anodised not powder coated. They should not squeek with the right blocks on them, I think it is the black Magura blocks you need…

The rims are available for sale at We also have the Nimbus 29" rim which is I think actually wider (only slightly); but it is only single skin. Although if you look for them on the site, they are not there yet. We have not been able to get the up yet. Hope to have them there for the end of the week.


the 29inch has noodles and the 20inch is noodle-less.

from what I can see on kh site and bedford pics

And the old kh frames angle downwards to the front, these noodles look like they will angle your foot upwards in front.

Just curious why?

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I got one word for ya Kris… PIMP :smiley:

…must…not…buy…new …unicycle…must…resist…

I CAN live without the new KH29

in addiction terms, this is called “enabling”

No crap…I just spend $600 on bike parts to build up an urban assualt/dirt jump bike and now Kris throws out pics of the new KH’s…

Nevermind that I already own a KH-24 that there is absolutly nothing wrong with


I’m happy with the KH20 I got a couple months ago, but seeing this is torture.

Makes me feel like I should have waited a few months… nah!

They look really nice. :slight_smile:

when are the 2005s coming out

Tuesday gone. :smiley: