OUI'09 Discussion

I saw the NAUCC 2009 discussion, and figured OUI’09 will be happening before NAUCC 09, so I thought OUI’09 definatly deserves a thread :slight_smile:

I love OUI so much, a highlight of my year for sure.

Anyway, i’m excited to see some talk about OUI’09…


Results! Are what I want to see… HORRAY! When is it going to be Approximately? Anyone?

I’ll do my damndest to make it this year! Let’s see… last year I think we had a newborn, the year before I was graduating, the year before that friends were graduating… I’ve been saying “next year” for years now! I know! I won’t go next year… that’ll assure that I go :smiley:

YAY are you going to COmpete?

Let’s play Horse this year !!

OUI’08 WAS AWSOME!!! i going next year…and the other after…and for the rest of my life! :slight_smile:

I’m comming for sure again !

I practiced High jump today and I sucked ! It took me around 10 tries to get 75 cm over a bar. They should really set up a stack of pallets and do an unofficial high jump comp’ (Please John, do not come in and tell me it’s not a high jump anymore if blah blah blah. I admit it, I have no idea of what a high jump is, and I’m happy like that!).

I see Nathan is reading too, do you have some news about the idea of a Street/Flat comp ?


Well, I guess if I’m good enough by then and have the time I’ll be heading over.

Is there any kind of equivalent in Toronto? What with toronto being a lot bigger and all.

What do people think about eliminating long and high jump and encorporating them into the trials competition?

One of the major problems that I saw at OUI08 was that people were quite tired from the long and high jump and then had the trials right after which pretty much killed them.

At OUI07 they encorporated the high jump as an obstacle in the trials course.

The way this would work is to have say two high jump bars set up. For beginner they would be set at 15 cm and 30cm, for sport at 50 and 65, for expert 70 and 90 or something like that (I just threw those numbers out of my head but I would look more into them for the actual competition). Then a similar set up for long jump.

Each height or distance would then be a trials line, and would follow all the usual rules of a trials line.

So what do people think of that?

The advantages I see are:

  • more of a focus on the trials competition and therefore more energy for it.
  • less time spent wasted that could be spent spreading out the sport and expert categories so there would be no overlap, or splitting the sport into two seperate groups.
  • less volunteer time needed to man the long and high jump set ups.

Disadvantages are:

  • no long and high jump competitions which have been a part of OUI for some time now.
  • no chance to formally hold long and high jumps.
  • only a few set heights means their might not be your top height there to try.

The problem with having a street comp is that there isn’t enough time. We really only have two days which is only really long enough for two major competitions, but if there was enough interest in adding a second day then we could probably hold a street comp on the Friday or Monday, we could also have a good downtown street ride if we added on another day as well.

+1 :slight_smile:

SICK! I cant wait…

Where is it hosted?

In Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

I think we should keep the highjump and longjump competition seperate.

I think one of the main reasons everyone got so worn out, was because the location wasn’t the best. There was hardly any shade at all, so the full out sun really wears people out.

I personally would love it if OUI’09 was held at the same location as OUI’07. That park was perfect, it had some shade, but then some sun too, which was perfect. I also think the Pizza at lunch was a good thing.

From my OUI’07 and OUI’08 experiences, these are my thoughts.


Location: 10/10
Food: 8/10
Competition: 8/10


Location: 6/10
Food: 4/10
Competition: 9/10

But OUI is always just a blast to hangout and watch/talk with unicyclists.

Those are my thoughts :slight_smile:


Tofu Dogs werent that bad this year… :slight_smile:

Hmm, should we make this the countdown thread, or should that be a seperate thread ?


For that we need an Exact date… (!SIG!)

the day OUI’08 finished, I said that i can’t wait for OUI’09 :roll_eyes:
i would like to have the Long and High jump comp seperately, you can make new records … like i did at OUI’08!


hey how do i enter the oui unicycle trial compition ??? because my parrents said i can i am 15 and a trails rider please write back

you wait for the Form to be put out. then you sign up. pay, and have fun!

Whereabouts are you from?