OUI'09 Discussion


i am fron norwich conneticut and its like a 6 or 8 hour drive but i am willing to do it because its my first compition and like all u people said its a blast so i cant wait o and can u like send me a private message when the form comes out please because i am dying to know when it comes out lol ty


Hey Branden, signing up for a competition like this is pretty simple, there will be a form made public closer to the event date with a waiver and a signup sheet, all you will have to do is fill it out, and send it in with the appropriate regristration fees. You will also be able to register on site but will have to pay a penalty for not signing up ahead of time.


ok ty so much but what site is it on because i am looking for it but cant find it write back please

It hasnt been posted yet, last year it was posted on.


Hopefully. OUI09.com will be created in regards to next years competition. Nonetheless. Just wait.

:angry: NO RESULTS OF OUI’08 :angry:
when will they post them!?

Probably never.

I got:

1st - Sport Trials
1st - Sport Longjump

I didn’t place in highjump :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy, I still can’t wait until OUI’09, and i’m really excited to see what the location will be like, because '08 was pretty poop.

Also, where is my OUI’08 video that I paid for?!

I am looking so foward to it.


Talk to John, or Karl about that. Once again, I had very little to do with OUI08.

Oh, I wasn’t saying that to you at all. I was meaning John mostly, but I guess Karl is covering the video.

Do you have John and Karls email?



Nathan: Any updates on whether OUI’09 is or isn’t going to happen? :slight_smile:

If OUI’09 doesn’t happen, I am still going to Ottawa to ride!



Nathan: Any updates on whether OUI’09 is or isn’t going to happen?

If OUI’09 doesn’t happen, I am still going to Ottawa to ride!


There will definitely be a uni weekend, but I’m still not sure if there will be an official competition or how organized it will be. At this point, I don’t have the time, money or energy to organize a full competition by myself, but if I can get enough volunteers in Ottawa (sorry but I need them to be here if we are going to set stuff up) to help organize.

If it is just a uni weekend it will probably be street/trials on Saturday and muni at Camp Fortune on Sunday.

Also the date will definitely be different this year as I don’t want it to overlap with the race weekend again.

Gewd. A Muni day at Fortune would be rad.

Yeah its a problem and a good thing at the same time. There are a lot of people in Ottawa who can never go to OUI because of the race weekend, but for some out of towners and parents, it gives them something to do in Ottawa.

But it also means that most accomodations are fully booked and downtown is an absolute zoo.

At this point for a uni weekend for a schedule I’m thinking of meeting at Ottawa’s best skatepark early on Saturday, I may talk to city hall to get it officiated, so we can stay there longer and have it be known that unicyclists are coming. Then there would be some kind of trials/street ride. I’m not sure if we would do downtown, as with such a large group we would get kicked out of everywhere instantly. Then Satuday night, I would like to do some kind of party type thing, or barbecue or something.

Finally Sunday would be the big Muni day, where we all go to Camp Fortune (about 20-30 minutes outside of Ottawa, but about the same distance as last year) for Muni, both XC and DH.

Oui 09

I think a skatepark/group ride/bbq/ DH XC muni weekend would be awesome and potentially even more fun than the traditional organized competition format that OUI is usually.

It would be more relaxed and social, competitions are fun yes but it is alot of hassle to put together.


Yes that would be cool, and even better if it could be on the 16th and 17th of May (I’m off of school on the 18th :p). I’ve always missed the street group ride in downtown Ottawa or wherever, now I really want to go !

And don’t worry Émile, my parents will still give us a lift even without the race. They like to go to Ottawa, so they will find some activities to do there, like going to the museum.


I was serious.

I am going to come out this year.

What are the dates and location?

And has there been a schedule posted yet?

Oh, cool.

There hasn’t been an official date set yet, but I’m sure Nathan will post something in the next while.

That’s all I know,


Thanks Isaac, see you there!