Anyone going to OUI???

Hey i was just wondering who is going to OUI this year???

I AM! But Search…

I am too:)

If you are hoping to go to OUI, give me a shout, I will probably be making an email list soon enough. Where abouts are you from?

no im not going but im from toronto

it’s bit late but i’ll post it anyway, it’s from Carleton Weekender, i’m on the first page of the newspaper!!!:smiley: and it’s a picture from OUI’08.

O wow!! That is really cool! I had completely forgot that there was a photographer there!


And 066999566, you should come, there is usually a pretty decent sized crew that comes from Toronto! It is a great deal of fun.

I’m seriously considering it. Lots of you guys I need to meet.

That’s awesome, it was a great photo too.

It was also a fun line :wink:


And if you think you are too good, then we will just have to get some better riders out!

I’m thinking of going. I wanted to go last year but I didn’t have a ride there.