OTG Flat Intermediate/Advanced

I decided to start another
Intermediate OTG. Not sure if people will join but I’m expecting (if we get enough people) to start by monday!
so…yes…plz join…

The rules will be You have to land a trick within 5 days of when the trick was set. If you do not land it you will put an O next to your name
(Ex.) Unilars O_ _
once u get all three letters your OUT. (Ex.) O U T
i will post the trick on Monday probably in the morning somewhat.

Unilars _ _ _

There’s already Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Expert, maybe some people will join though. I won’t be in, have fun though. :slight_smile:

yeah the reason I made one was cause I’m hopin other people who didnt get to join those join minee…u know?

Hey here’s an Idea, why don’t you start an OTG intermediate?? It’s a bit stupid to have two begginer/intermediate, and one intermediate/advanced

Alright than this can be intermediate…do u wanna join Max?

I’m in

Unilars _ _ _
tim_desmet _ _ _

Noooooo, just make a new thread!! In the other OTGs, it’s way too confusing trying to figure out how hard a trick you should set.

Just make a new thread called OTG medium.

Intermediate and advanced sound kind of like medium to me…

There’s already an OTG Medium, it died but someone could bump it. The easiest way to decide the level is set the first trick and then people will know how hard/easy it is.

There are a ton of OTG that could be just be bumped…

Here, why don’t we play in this one -- Out the Game Flat -- Medium

OTG MEDIUM. I think it’s what you’re looking for.

haha thanks but thats a little hard…

Are you serious? You just started a intermediate/advanced thread and you call the medium thread hard!

I’m guessing you’re saying the trick posted is too hard? If so, that game never even started, so we wouldnt use that trick, we’d post a new one.

im in

Sorry Isaiah this one is dead…I messed up…lol