Do we have enough "OUT the game"s yet?

We definitely need a new forum for games. And OUT the Game threads need to stop after like 3 rounds because I always come to OUT threads and by then they’re on the 12th round and instead of being a ‘Beginner’ OUT, they’re an ‘Expert’ OUT.

This is true as well. Games should not necessarily stop, the riders should be more realistic with their own riding levels. It seems like people stay in a single thread for weeks even if it’s obvious that they’ve surpassed the level suggested in the thread title…

Eli, well articulated.
But i agree, i could name a few people, particularly in the OTG freestyle and trials who way surpass the level suggested. and to me the street game is more of an intermediate/expert game than a beginner/intermediate :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm - so is it that we don’t have enough OUT the games yet? :smiley:

Yes - all the games are migrating upward in difficulty as the people playing are getting better. (Crankflips in the beginner game :astonished: )

It would be nice if we could just change some of the thread titles and keep playing. There’s certainly room for an intermediate/expert street game that’s still way below the level of the original OUT street game. And - at the risk of making even more threads, I’d play an expert trials game if people wanted to.

I had originally proposed that if you win a game then you get “kicked upstairs” and can’t play at that level any more. Maybe it’s time for that.

Treyflips down obstacles in the beginner game!! Definitely not a beginner level trick.

That’s actually a good idea.

Do we have enough flatland games yet?

There are currently six flatland games on page one. Seems like a bit much. :roll_eyes:

^^Out The Game-Flat beginner^^
– Out the Game Flat – Medium
Out The Game - Medium-Expert!
:slight_smile: OTG Flat Intermediate/Advanced
OUT the Game Flat Beginner/Intermediate
The Flatland Learning Game! ( Begginer/Intermediate)

Just sayin’

Another vote here for a dedicated “games” section. I think it’s a great idea!

It would be nicer for everybody. Easier to check the status of your games and it ddoesn’t get in the way of actual discussions about the Unicycle. It has my vote.

I vote YES for a Game section. And it would be nice to stablish the dificult of each levels with an example of tricks set imho.

We should probably just come up with a better rule set for these games. They aren’t really official, but we treat it like it is, so why not put some actual work into making these games more pleasant?

One of the problem is that people first enter in the OUT according to this level, but progress while playing, and then don’t go to the next level. So, in superbeginner people are wheel-walking, one foot, unispin… and then in medium people are doing treyflip :astonished: .

All those tricks are those levels, in the expert games 900 sides have been set before.

Edit: But +1 to a games section :slight_smile:

I think a games section would make it easier and if somebody did make a trick list then it would be helpful :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a game section in my forum, we could post all of the games on my site. Here is the link:

Has my vote for a games section…

I just skip over all the “Out The Games” and look at all the other theards I want to read…

I use to play OTG trials Beg/Inter until it started getting stuff that wasn’t beg or inter…

So games section for THE WIN!!!

Another vote for a games section, I don’t play them but I have no problem with them being on page 1. It just might make it easier for people who do.

+1 for games and video competiton section!

Could someone contact the admins and make them read this thread? There are pretty many who want that section. It would help both players and non-players.
So anybody know how to get contact with admins?

I’m pretty sure Gilby reads everything… We shall see!

As is demonstrated EVERY DAY, users can’t handle the existing number of subforums.

Even if this site only had RSU and JC, I’d bet good money that people would still get lost, confused, etc. and end up posting in the wrong forum.

Adding another subforum won’t fix anything in the long term… it’ll just give users more “wrong forums” in which to post.

Flame me all you like, but if you do, you’ll have to send me candy 6 months down the road when we get OUT threads in RSU and “WAT UNI SHUD I GET?” threads in “games”.

I agree and disagree with that. We would have more lost people. But there are going to be wrong postings anyway, and there are usually more of us that know how to use the forums than don’t… so eh.