Do we have enough "OUT the game"s yet?

When I saw this, I decided that it’s time to bring something up. Currently, 9 of the 25 threads on the first page are OUT the games. 3 of them are flat beginner. How many are we going to see before people begin to say, “enough!”?

There are so many now that they practically deserve their own website, and at the very least their own section of the forum. I don’t participate in them, and many others on the forum don’t, either. Maybe we can make it easier for those people to look through the threads?

Anyone agree?

i really don’t care. it really doesn’t take much stamina to just…move your eyes a tiny bit more down…or move the mouse 1 more cm down :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the games are cool, they help people improve.

Agreed. I do participate in some of these games. I think it would be very beneficial to people who do it and people who don’t. People who do it od’t have to look all through the forum looking for their OTG game, and people who don’t do them don’t have them in their forum Win, win!

Everyone pm Gilby to do this if you are all really that irritated.

Wouldnt say im irritated, but definitly see the benefit for it.

Wow I’ve never seen that thread, but those are my thoughts exactly.

Just noticed this, but you too are at blame for making a thread that is already been made (20 monutes ago).
But this one got more attention so what ever…

:astonished: Wow I didn’t see that. I hardly ever go in JC. I guess this shows that it’s time for these to go somewhere else.

Maybe trials ,street and flatland should have their own forum section as it is a definite subculture quite apart from general unicycling.


I would have to disagree with that. I think trials, street, and flatland make up general unicycling, at least when considering the population of this forum. In general, those three styles are a very miniscule part of unicycling.

Yes this is a serious matter! I posted my thread in the wrong forum ;p

Yeah sorry about this. I didn’t even know you posted that one. But I’m glad we agree!

I agree that making a separate “Out the game” section on the web site would be useful. It would give enthusiasts a place to participate without crowding out all the other threads in,unicycling.


Just counted, 10/25 threads here are OTG. I like playing them, but this is rediculous haha.

Yeah that’s too many. This has got to be deserving of a new section.

Dont be sorry, OUT is a unicycle game, unicycle related, therefore it goes in RSU.

I saw Doods (haha) post in JC and was like “Wuh??..” and had to come here to check it out. And yes, far too many of them, too many sub-categories. If you cant make it into one of the categories, keep working until you can, thats kind of the point of them. Not making a new one for people who can only do these 5 tricks and so on…

Thats only part of the point of them. We like to play games… I wouldnt say there is any sort of prestige in winning an OTG begginner or anything. Its just fun.
I shouldnt have to sit and watch just because I didnt start unicycing earlier than I did, or didnt learn as fast as other people. You shouldnt penelize people for not being good.

edit: on second thought. Its partially true what Jerrick said.
It does become difficult when there are 4 different levels of each OTG
OTG flat beg, flat beg/int, flat expert, flat sup beg… OTG beg… OTG trials beg… there does become a few too many.

Out with Out The Game! :slight_smile:

What’s general unicycling? Does it include what you’re doing in your (current) avatar image? My point being, if we subdivide it more than even a little, we’ll just argue all the time about what belongs where.

I don’t play the OTGs. But the way the homepage is set up, if a thread is not getting participation it drops off the page. The most active threads are what you see, and at this point I don’t mind skipping over those (and the kiddie threads, and the ‘what uni should I buy’ threads, etc.).

I just didn’t want to add to the number of OUT related threads in RSU ;p

So I put it in JC, where all the other pointless threads go. Like MR for example. jooooookes

We might be making progress.

We’re down to 6/25 threads being OUT games.