[or Trade] Origin8 Devist8er UL tire (26 x 4.0)

Hi everyone,

I found an interesting deal for a pair of brand new Devist8er Ultra-Light tires. The size is 26 x 4.0, so not for the faint of heart. And don’t be fooled by the UL labelling, they should be as heavy as Duro or Gazzalodi.

Long story short, I will have use for only one so I have one up for trade or sale. As usual, let me know what parts you have for trade (or drop me an offer).

Pics and weight to come :wink:

I forgot to mention that it is the folding model (60 tpi I think).

It’s a great tire, NB approved!

Kinda heavy, but it also rides a whole lot better than those wimpy Surly tires :smiley:

I think mine weighs 1850gm

Here is the pic and weight as promised (weight includes the rubber band and the packaging): a good 1800g :smiley:


So with a tire that wide you’re looking at an Oregon frame requirement?

For sure you need some space in-between the frame’s arms.

I don’t know much for regular 26inches and 29inches frames for the lateral clearance (may saskatchewanian does).

But you have for sure the fantastic 3: Surly Conundrum, Nimbus Oregon & Triton Triple Ti.

Nevertheless, there can be also some 36inches frames like the Nimbus nightrider that is like the Oregon that might have proper clearance too.

It is true, this is something missing from the people contributing into the fat tires thread: is there other frames used than the fantastic 3 ? :slight_smile:

As I thought, packaging is a good 46g. This mean this tire is slightly over the specs (1830g where the packaging says 1730 +/- 60g).


Needed… Oregon parts or enough to build a fat uni :-))

Thanks gang. I’m getting some good info. Until I find a useful fat frame I can’t buy the other pieces but I’ll keep at it. If Josh gets the new Oregons in at Unicycle.com I’m headed that route. I’m just trying to build one (because I can… :-)) ) instead of just waiting. Lisa put her seat post back on hers and took it back L-PP**… but rode about 24 mi in the woods with me over the last 3 days! I am getting tired of this Mt BIKE stuff and want to move on…to an Oregon… hey look… it rhymes… too early… not enough coffee…

Hey iterk,

I think there is an opportunity for you, somebody posted an Oregon frame and a fat wheelset in the trade section.