[For TRADE] Surly Conundrum 26 frame + fat tires

Hi everybody,

here come the long shot thread :smiley:

I am not running my Conundrum with fat tires as much as I thought and it is a shame to run such a frame only with skinny tires :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

The set includes my Surly Conundrum 26in black frame (pics here) and the fat tires I have: a brand new Origin8 Devistor UL, another one with just a couple of rides on it and an Endomorph 120tpi.

This lot is up for trade for a KH 26in frame with disk tab + 127/150 spirit cranks.
Any other offer including a 26in or 29in frame + parts are welcome too (disk tab is a plus).

Let me know if you have questions :slight_smile:

PM Sent

It is always better with pics ;o))

Okay, it turns out that my links to pics were dead.
So for the pics addicts like me, here is the pics of the beast with the tires: this winter with the Endomorph and this spring with the Devist8or :slight_smile: