[or TRADE] Disk brakes sets and Origin8 Devist8or

Hi everybody,

it is spring cleaning time (first batch).

Have to go:

  • Shimano Deore M535 front disk set (with 160mm disk – see below). It is in perfect condition, looks like never used. Already bled and short enough to be used as-is. It is the combined lever-shifter. I think some parts can be taken apart according to the manufacturer documentation. Can also be replaced by a lever only (BL-M535). Weight as-is: 496g

  • Avid Elixir1 rear disk set (with 160mm disk – see below). It is in perfect condition, lever installed. Already bled. But line will definitely be too long for unicycling except for a giraffe with handlebar :D:D Weight as-is: 292g

  • 160mm Avid rotors. The one with round holes weights 92g and the other one weights 100g.

  • Origin8 Devist8or 26x4.0 tire. Pics and details in this other thread.

I tend to favor trades, so here is the parts I am specifically looking for:

  • disk ready cranks (Spirits or else)
    or 100mm disk ready hub
  • 24inches frame with magura brake mounts
  • dual hole cranks (110mm & whatever else)

As usual, if you have other parts or $$ make your offer :slight_smile:

Deore_ST-M535_parts.pdf (355 KB)


For the stronger riders, I also have a 180mm Avid disk that that can replace one of the 160mm in a set.

Pm sent

Hey knoxuni,

I have received no PM as of now. So either it is the wrong thread or the wrong person received this PM :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


The tire is no longer available but the disk kits are :slight_smile:

For the bigger riders, I also have a 180mm rotor I can throw in in replacement of a 160mm.

I would be interested by a longneck trial frame or an Impact frame :wink: (PM me to discuss how we can work something out…).