Onza Luna vs. Maxxis Creepy Crawler mod tires

I switched to a Maxxis Creepy Crawler, after having ridden my Luna 2.5" tire for over a year. I had my LBS order me a replacement tire, and to my surprise the new OEM replacement tire is the Maxxis from uni(dot)com.

I mentioned in earlier posts that I was skeptical about the Maxxis, and the thinness of the sidewalls.

The Luna is by far a better tire. And yet, I wish there was a better tire than the Luna, too.

My first ride around campus, I hated how the tire felt when going up hills. I was out of breath after a short distance!! I was running the Maxxis at the same 29psi (that I was running at the tail end of the Luna’s usage). It felt like I was pedaling a wheel made out of jello!! Very soggy!

THIN SIDEWALLS (bottoms out easily, too bouncy so that it feels soggy–I’m now riding it in the 30’s psi, and probably will have to go to 40+psi!!!–the tire also folds like mad)
WEARS TOO QUICKLY (because the tread is almost TOO sticky/grippy for unicycle uses…You’ll have to stay keen on rotating it, probably only after 2hrs of expert-level riding!)

After less than two weeks of riding (less than 8 hours), I don’t think this tire will last beyond three months!! The tread has become SEVERELY worn out, and if I don’t rotate it soon, it will flatspot.

THE VERDICT: This tire sucks! I can’t see it being used for more than LIGHT-DUTY activity…maybe even some small natural trials lines, if you ride with higher psi.

FURTHER OBSERVATIONS/FINAL THOUGHTS: I don’t notice too much in the size of the tires, or the shape. I think the Luna has a nicer tread, wich allows for a more equal distribution of weight on it’s knobs–because there are more knobs than with the maxxis (and it’s knobs are very very soft and squishy). Weight? There is a slight difference, with the Creepy Crawler being lighter. Not by much. Big deal! Since the performance isn’t as good as the Luna, I couldn’t tell at all when riding, because of how thin the sidewalls are.

I’ll be happy in a couple months when I’m back with the Luna. I’m almost positive that this tire is hurting my judgement, confidence, and wasting some of my riding energy.

My height/weight:
5ft 8in
139lbs(probably a little less than that now)

Riding style: Purely Trials, with a few rolling-hops/180’s/2 foot wheel walks now and then)

My uni’s set-up, to give you a clue what I tested on:
profile drivetrain
Jim C. pedals
Alex DX 32 19" rim
KH Pro Canadian-made frame
Thompson post
Wallis de-rail carbon fibre base
SH handle
Miyata bumper
Trimmed KH foam,
Fusion cover.

That’s funny, one time I inflated my creepy crawler a lot and I thought it was to hard. As for it wearing out quickly, that’s just the side effect of a soft rubber, which gives you great grip. But When I need a new tire I will try the luna to see if it is better

I just got my Echo Mod tire and its wide walls are pretty thick and its got good tread on it, id say you guys look into buying one of those, 23 bucks on Webcyclery.com.

ik got a try-all tire.
much better than the CC

I don’t like those tires at all.

I’m going to have to do that, because the weather is getting colder around here…It’s in the upper 50’s now, but November is also on it’s steady way.

I don’t recall ever bottoming out on my Luna, but so far I’ve done it a half dozen times with the Maxxis!! I did it during some natural trials lines (small stuff, too!), and when dropping just below 4’!! So more psi, it is!

Care to elaborate? This is a “reviews” forum… I’m interested in your opinion.

I thought the Luna had more knobs than the maxxis, more and smaller.

I weigh 137 pounds, at about 5’11’ tall, and I have it at 26-27 PSI. It does bottom out on hard landings, but I’ve done 5 1/2+ foot drops at that psi. It bottoms out very bad on technical skinny gapping.

Sure. First let me say that I had them on my mod bike, so my gripes about them may not necessarily pertain to unicycles. They should for the most part though.

The echo mod tires are made to be light. I am pretty sure they are the lightest tires currently in production for mods.

This leads to many problems. First, the sidewalls are very thin. This causes you to have to run a higher pressure to prevent bottoming out/tire folding/squirrelly ride.

The tread on the tire is decent, but you don’t get as many knobs as some of the other tires. Also, the tire has too high of a durometer so it is not very grippy.

The profile of the tire is too round for me, I like a squarer profile for ease riding on narrow objects and a more stable feeling.

Basically I don’t like the tire because it is too skimpy for me. I think a trials tire should be a little heavier and give a little more bounce. They tried to lighten it up and took away most of the defining characteristics of a trials tire.

This isn’t good, i just orderd a CC:( . I’ve always thorght Maxxis tires were the best. Oh well i can still use my luna tire.

It does have more, and smaller knobs than the maxxis. That’s why I mentioned a better distribution of weight on the Luna’s knobs than the Maxxis.

I’m honestly expecting the knobs on the creepy crawler to twist, or pop off, even before they disintegrate from rapid wear.

Huh. It’s held up great for me.

Which tire?

Here is some more tire reviews:



THe Maxxis.

I’ve ridden my friends luna, but his KH seat has the bolts ripped through the bottom and I didnt do any hopping or anything on it.

Just as I thought…I’m having to rotate the tire less than every 6 or so rides. This tire is really starting to wear!

Am I that hard on components? I’d like to think not. I practice good technique. If my technique isn’t good on a line, I’ll redo that line. That’s the way I practice and ride trials.

P.S. the rebound I get from compressing the tire is starting to cramp my style. I miss the Luna! I keep running it at higher pressure the colder it gets. And this week the temp’s been in the high 50’s to the mid 60’s, so it hasn’t been that cold.


Wow, Its only in the 30s-40-s F as a high here. And I dont even notice that.

And mine doesnt wear down that much either, but I ride on a lot less cement.

Does a try-all wear out fast? because its made from soft rubber for better grip.

I think pretty much all the better trials tires have soft rubber compound.

I agree, I love the Luna tire, and the Maxxis or whatever is no replacement in my book.