MaxxisCC trials tire FROZE.

Well, its been pretty cold here lately, the other day it was around -23 F (30 centagrade) and today its a little warmer, around -15 F.

I knew the Maxxis Creepy Crawler doesnt handle cold very well, but when I went out to ride it a little bit ago, the tire was completly solid. Hopping is very hard, it feels like the tire pressure is very very high. But the last time I rode it in warm weather I left it at 25 PSI. Not only does it not work for hopping, but just riding it it is slow and sluggish. It was as if the rubber froze solid.

Any other tire I have on my unicycles works in the cold just fine. My muni, 2.6, behaves normally, my older DX with the Kenda K-rad 2.3 is just fine. But the Maxxis CC is a big no-no in the cold. As you can see at the end of this thread, the tire wanders off the rim when you take it from cold to warm too fast.

This tire sucks if you live in a colder climate. So im stuck not being able to ride my trials in the winter.

just buy a cheap luna for the winter…they are alot better than the crawler for winter riding

Yeah im planning on switching to the Luna evantually anyway. But not yet, I dont have the money right now.

While I’m here, were can you buy them anyhoo? doesnt have them anymore, and they were probally more expensive anway.

yeah its pretty cold here in califonia to on the way to school today it was 48 degrees :stuck_out_tongue:

I buy you one if UDC had them in stock… The only other place that stocks them is bedford…

It’s starting to get cold out and my creepy crawler feels dead.

Okay, I figured Bedford is the place I would end up going.

It gets worse… has some tires that i believe are still in stock

As far as I can find, they don’t. They have the maxxis, try-all, and echo mod tires, but no Luna.

I need help finding a place to buy a Luna, because buying one from Bedford will cost $16 shipping, for a total of $46!

What should I do?

just buy it…it would cost me 16 from probobly since im on the west coast.

you could probobly get a Bedford shirt too or somthing light like that in the same box for the same 16 freight.

did you convert it to USD?

Forrestunifreak, did you notice any cracking on the CC, which has been mentioned on other threads? I’m worried abou damaging my tyre over the winter, which although pretty mild in Britain can still hit -10 C at times, particularly in north Wales.

No, Darren calculated it, he said it would be $16 USD.

I e-mailed UDC to make sure they dont have it availible anymore, and sure enough, they dont stock it any longer. They told me to check my local bike shop. I did, and go figure, they can’t find it.

Is Bedford really the only place in the world were you can buy a Luna??

No, my Maxxis hasn’t cracked even a little bit. But I suspect after it gets worn down more, it might start cracking…

Deffinatly get a Luna. They wear down MUCH slower than the creepies. I’ve had my Lunas ever since I started trials unicycling… I’m not going to say that it’s still all that great cause I really need to get a new tyre but hey! It’s still working!

Whereas my friend Kapoute who bought a kh20" with a creepy just at the beginning of the summer already has a bald tyre. (and no, it’s not cause he rode a million times more :-P)