Onebrella productions presents "EVOLUTION"

hey guys evolution is near completion but as for now heres a little something to get you by…

Evolution will include:

Music by:

Sweatshop union
The Faint
and many more…


Anthony Hibbings
Justin Kohse
Keiynan Graham
Bryan Stevens
Rob Thomas
and many many more…

Evolution shots toward creativity and individuality in creating a new and fascinating sport.

look for EVOLUTION soon…

Justin Kohse

oh boy oh boy. i get top billing and everything.

That ending clip was great! I cant wait for the full vid.

Hahaha, sorry Bryan but I laughed pretty hard;)

That looks good.
Is Jeff Groves not in it anymore? I thought you guys were doing some filming a while ago.

well no max tamere in the trialer, I feel sad

i wants to see it.

Gah why are all new youtube videos not working for me

hey that looks pretty sick. when is it coming out? o and where will u be able to by it?

Cool, good work with making the video. Except, one thing that sucks about it is the Times New Roman font. Please don’t use it.

I really disliked the trailer. There was hardly any actual riding, The were only a couple of clips showing people landing stuff.

Anthony, was that a fakie 360 down the 5, if so you’re my hero.


And Anthony is the sickest of sick shit when it comes to fakie sets. It’s (the F word in progessive form) rediculous.

-Shaun Johanneson

Errr… Is there any actual riding in this film? Coz there wasn’t a lot in the trailer!

Not trying to be rude or anything!

Rock on!

teasers are supposed to tease man.

Yeah, but if I saw that as a trialer on tv or something, without any prior knowledge about what it might be like, I wouldn’t want to risk spending my money on it, just in case it was all the same as the trailer.

Rock on!

I like Times, its classic, and at least its not comic sans ms… ewwwwwwww.

Anyways, could someone please upload it to another source, even google video would be nice. New youtube videos posted in the last two days don’t seem to load for me.

Good filming, though as mentioned above hopefully there will be a higher percentage of riding in the final product. Unfortunately, if the sound track stays the same I won’t be able to show it to any kids.

That was pretty bad, The only thing I expect is some nice BC. Other than that you have about bunch of unknowns doing street. A hibb is good with fakie though. I won’t be buying it.

This is a bit harsh. Your what I would call an ‘unknown’. Do you know who Justin Khose, Bryan Stevens and Anthony Hibbing are? And does it matter if they are unkown? Surely its the riding and feel that counts.

The trailer was cool, I (as everyone else) would have liked some more riding, but thats cool. I will most probably be buying it.


Bryan I laughed pretty hard at the last fall. Good thing you had a helmet on or your head would have gone SPLAT! I think I will be buying it although I would like to see a larger amount of riding in it.

i agree that was a pritty bad trailer… i dont care to see wake boarding in a unicycle movie, also there were so pointless clips in the trailer that i wouldnt even consider putting in a movie, like when that guy ride towards the grind then when he get there he just stops and gets off right b4 the grind…?? and i didnt see any success in the clips, they were all falls… and a lot of the falls werent even bad ones… but the last fall was good. lol… right now i dont think i will be buying it, but if i hear others liked it after you start selling it i might consider getting it.