once again the 180 unispin

I still can’t get it. I can get into the position, but when I jump I just can’t spin the unicycle or get my legs out. Also, I always fall back, like I just jump back off the uni. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:slight_smile:


People just say practice.

I think possibly you are falling backwards because you are scared of landing on the pedals / cranks. Once you commit to one attempt the fear will probably disappear and you will get the trick soon after that. Are you sure you are using the correct hand positioning to spin the uni?
Check out this video if you havent already - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFCHDO1umlM
Try to get the spin down perfect before you try to land on the unicycle.
Thats about all I can think of for now, apart from just go out and do it!

Yeah my hands are in the right position, I think I might not be jumping high enough, is that a possibility?

I just got the 180 unispin today! Anyway, try hopping higher and vertical, and if you normally get one foot back on the pedals, you might want to try it on cement, like a garage floor, to bounce higher. It is much kinder on your elbows when you fall than asphalt! Make sure you are wearing a helmet and have 661’s, if you don’t already.

661’s? What are 661’s?

Shin and knee protectors
661 a brand that sells them

Im trying the unispin too
Im practcing really hard and I’m much better than when I started pratcing them but I still cant land I jump and open my legs but I cant land them it makes me really angry :angry:

Oh yeah I landed and filmed them xD

After landing once the others come much easier

If anyone in this thread is still having trouble why dont you post a video of your attempts and we might be able to see what you are doing wrong?

I’ll try that, see if we still have a video camera laying around.

thats a good idea. I just cant get the unispin either. i can unispin mount, but cant do the actuall unispin itself

When you’re jumping you need to concentrate on the events you need to do. Jump higher, spin faster, and most importantly snap your feet in. If you keep thinking about all three of those you’ll get it in no time. Just keep pushing for it harder each try. Always snap your feet as fast as you can. Don’t be afraid to stick over the unicycle, you won’t get injured beyond a few minutes of sitting down. It’s all about commitment.

I have the same prob. like wen I jump I don’t land on the pedals I just land on the ground and wen I really go for it I get bloody legs and I can’t afford shin guards. I can’t seem to jump high enough? I still try every day but man It seems hopeless

Ok I went out this morning and got both feet on but fell back :angry: I can usually get one foot on or hit the pedals at least but I still land with my feet out somtimes, but at least I’m over the uni more. So I guess this is progress even though my legs just look horrible:D

I realize the correct response is “whatever works for you” but I’m curious if others have found the direction you spin the uni to be easier one way or the other.

For instance, I hop with my right foot back and have been trying to 180 counter-clockwise using my left hand; my thinking being that my back foot coming around first would make a better target. But I noticed in the tutorial posted to this site he spins clockwise with his right hand, right foot back.

Anybody have a preference?

Well, whatever works for you. BUT most people with right foot foward spin it clockwise.

I spin clockwise and hop right foot forward, but my friend hops left foot forward and spins clockwise, too. Whatever works for you!



I have a little question: do you actually have to hop and spin, or just spin while your wheel stays on the ground?