NYC Century Ride (Sept 7, 2008)

I’ll be riding in the NYC Century ride in a few months. Anyone interested in joining me?

I’ll be on a geared 29". Here is a link to the ride:

I’ve done it twice (once on a Coker). It’s fun, and there are breaks every 15 miles or so. It starts and finishes in Manhattan, hitting the other 3 contiguous boroughs. It’s pretty flat, tho there are some hilly patches, and occ’ly the ride is quite pretty, tho there are also urban stretches that are … uh, … interesting. Seriously, it’s a great ride.

And you can change your mind about how far to shoot for even during the ride bc there are places where short cuts begin situated along the 100-mile route. So if you fatigue midway, you can aim for 55 or 75 miles.

Oh, and I may be able to put you up in Manhattan the night before, so let me know if you’re interested.

I am interested.
Have to decide between this and the ADK540 the next week. I’ll certainly do one or the other, but not both.


David -
I am 99% likely in for this one. Trouble is, I don’t know if I’ll have my guni by then. I hope you’ll slow up for me if I’m on my ungeared 36/114s.

Hi David,
I am on ungeared too. I am definitely interested. Don’t worry Steveyo. If you’re ungeared we can ride together. This will be awesome. Later.


p.s. Still on a high from kicking Doable’s Ass. Hahaha

p.p.s. Is it just me? Since RTL I can’t seem to stop riding. I ride mostly everyday and I absolutely love it. Thanks RTL.

AJ, you’re going to come up to NYC for this? You’re nuts, dude. It should be great, though. Let me know ASAP if you’re coming, because then I’m definite.

I’m also on the fence. Can’t decide between the 540 and the Century. Looks more and more like the Century might win out.

I’m definitely not interested in doing this, but it looks like 10 tons of fun to be doing races like these on Uni’s

So we may have a good # of riders for this event; that will make it a lot of fun!

And no, Steve, I won’t be racing off without you. Even on ungeared 36, you’re still fast! I’ll be happy to ride with you as long as you wait for me!

My tendinitis lasted basically until yesterday, and I didn’t have a good long ride till this afternoon, when I rode a bike for six miles at breakneck speed… Woohoo!

As for the Century, it’s a ride, not a race, and the point is to have fun and to push yourself a bit. I’d be happy to finish in 11 hours including breaks, which means avg’ing 10 mph. Maybe faster!

Glad the tendonitis is feeling better. Take Ibu and take it slow - get all the way better.

I really hope to have my guni by then. After borrowing Roland’s, I realize how much easier it is to ride at higher speeds.

I registered.

I want to do this ride! If someone sponsors me with an airline ticket and entry fee I am there! Hey, Bill Gates, did you here that??

Take pictures!
Post up a trip report after!

Have fun.
I too wish I could go.

Then come to hawaii to do our century ride Sept 28th. I plan to ride a 29 guni, but only 25 miles. I’m not Klazy, it will be a record long ride for me

i will be there, but i will also be on an ungeared 36
…unless I have an extra 2000 dollars in student loan money that i can buy a guni with buy then :slight_smile:

How much of the ride is sharing the road with traffic versus bike lanes or separate bike paths? Thanks.

I’d probably do this as it isn’t that far from home, and my mom would be willing to spend some time in NYC. But alas, I’m out of the continent. Have fun with this, it’s going to probably be the most unicycles in a distance event that isn’t unicycle specific.

Wow! You’ll be there!? That’s amazing! Let me know if you need any help with accomodations, etc.

I’ve ridden the C on a Coker (my first time) and my 29" guni (the 2nd time). They were both fine for the ride.

Just make sure your seat is comfortable enough for a long ride.

It’s not too much road-sharing bc the police have cordoned off long stretches of the busy road segments in Manhattan and, to a large extent, Brooklyn (if I recall correctly). But I forget about Queens and the Bronx. I’d say that the ride feels safe for the most part, but perhaps there are better sources of this info at the site.

There are also a few places I know where you can forgo the crowds for a better (and faster, but slightly lengthier) route. The most important one is from the start as you head towards the Brooklyn Bridge. The best route involves the West Side bike path, but the ride goes thru the streets bc the path isn’t large enough to support 6000 riders! So I take the path and then meet up with the bikers, and by then the crowds have thinned out somewhat.

Thanks for the info. I am considering coming up from Maryland with my ungeared 36. Do you know anything about traveling on Amtrak with a 36 inch unicycle? Thanks.

Claude (RTL Team Venture)

Claude, if you are looking for a closer century ride as well, the Reston Century is in the middle of August and will be a lot of fun. I am unsure if I will ride it though because I am trying to stay away from unicycling for a while to let my knee heal (hopefully).