Adirondack 540 - RTL in 48hrs

In a thread on the possibility of a RAAM uni team the idea of testing the ability of unis to compete in a race came up

This 540 mile race in the Adirondacks of New York is one gnarly ride that would fit the bill. It is the weekend of 12-14 September, the cost would be $250 each rider.

This is an official RAAM qualifier ride, and to make it a worthy test we’d need at least two teams of 3. Probably send one team out for a 136 mile loop, then when they are done swap out for team #2 which would ride at night a lot (or could alternate 12hr shifts).

It consists of a beautiful and challenging 136 mile loop that you can do 1, 2, 3 or 4 times. Soloists do the full 4 laps (540 miles) to qualify for the RAAM. I have contacted the race oganizer and he agreed that a Uni team could ride it relay-style and swap riders whenever they wanted (counter to what the rulebook says).

The question is could we get 6 long distance uni riders to give a go at this. We need to decide soon because there is a fun sounding alternative the week before (a NYC century ride) and I can only do one.

If this doesn’t work out, there are other RAAM qualifier options folks could organize around.

If you are seriously interested in this, and have the money, time, and long-distance gumption, reply to this post. If we get enough I’ll organize it.

Count me in.

It doesn’t look like this is gonna happen . . and the NYC century is looking better all the time as the uni numbers increase.

Hopefully I can make it to NYC and join in the fun :smiley:

The Century does sound awfully fun. I was originally leaning towards the ADK 540, but maybe a year’s experience on a geared hub would leave me better prepared for such a brutal ride. Steve’s already registered for the Century and I’m thinking about doing the same. Of course, I could still be swayed, but the weekends are filling up fast and I want to make a decision soon. If we don’t get enough interested riders for the 540 by Sunday, I’ll probably register for the Century.

I really want to do this ride, but unfortunately I do not think the timing will be right. I will be sending my hub to Florian for the upgraded bearings and planet carrier and he will be on vacation till August 11th, so I wouldn’t expect to have my hub back and built into a 36" wheel for quite some time. As I have said in many other threads, I am also giving up unicycling for another month or so in the hopes of having my right knee fully heal. I have no pain right now, but I don’t want to chance anything for a while. I think that if we are to qualify for RAAM we need to have 6-8 strong riders with geared hubs to prove how fast we can go.

RAAM sounds like it will be the ultimate challenge for a group of long distance riders, and I am definitely interested, but maybe we should look towards qualifying rides that are a few months later than September. This will give us more time to train and work on our endurance and speed. The KH 36" frame will be coming out soon, and it sounds like some of the interested riders will be building up a geared 36 (myself included) and the more time that we have with the geared 36, the faster we will be. Luckily I am already used to geared unicycles and I do not think the switch from the geared 29 to the geared 36 will be that different for me, but once I start riding again, I will have to slowly work my legs up to the kinds of distances we will need to do for these rides.