no uni

My mom took my unis away for 2 weeks cause i swore at my spanish teacher

ouch… That sucks. I’m sorry. note to self, dont swear at spanish teacher

But its only 2 weeks, you’ll be able to get back on soon!

she fricken told the whole class i have add so i told her to shut the hell up

Thats just retarted. Teachers aren’t supposed to say Sh*t like that.

ya seriously

i’d be pissed too, if a teacher told the whole class I had…Hey look! something shiny!!! OOOOOOoooooo


this is a lot like your goat (punching) experience…

no its different ud say that too

Don’t take that shit from them. Demand your rights! I had a bitchy music teacher that wouldn’t let anyone go to the bathroom when attending her class. I asked to go politely, she refused, and I just left. She caught me by the arm and dragged me to the principals office. I fought her off and ran to go and pee.

So I went to the principals office and the teacher go in shit for depriving me of peeing rights and man handling me. She was replaced next year lol.


and you were right skianduniaddict, there is a difference.:frowning:

This is just bogus… Seriously. Hell isn’t even that bad of a word. And if she told the class you had ADD thats just… Omg… Stupid! STUPID!!! STUUUPIDD!

If the teacher humiliated you in front of the whole class, go to the principal and discuss it.

Yeah man, seriously. If you wouldnt have taken matters into your own hands, and went and talked it over with the principal, you would have been a lot better off.

I still don’t see the point in telling your teacher to “shut the hell up.” If she’s already said it, it’s too late to keep your classmates from knowing. Sounds like there was the part before this that you left out. What else happened?

well it’s not like you fell infront of a bunch of hot chicks and broke your foot.

(couse then you’d have to wait till your foot heals.

Wow, she informed the class that you had a dissability? march yur ass to the pricipal and tell him/her. and if that was me i would have said shut the fuck up you little whre, and backhand slapped her. Yes, violence is how you solve answers.

i would have just come up with a smart ass answer without cussing. I like all of my teachers though, and we make fun of each other anyways.

Did you at least swear in spanish?:slight_smile: