Nimbus Oregon Review - pros/cons

It sounds like you just happened to find a combination that plays well with the D-Brake.

I too had a combination that was playing well, but then a couple hard-rides later the same brake issues surfaced. As far as I’m concerned disc-brakes should be dead-simple. Having to “fine tune” them after every other ride is a joke… and that should have been my first sign that the D-Brake was a problem.

The D-Brake was the root of my problems,
and anything else I did was simply a “band-aid” fix.

Now that I ditched the D-Brake I expect the next time I’ll touch my brakes will be when i need to replace my pads.
(I’ll update this thread if otherwise).

Love the Oregon. Hate the D-Brake.

What dimension / diameter is the tubing of the Oregon frame? Can anybody tell or be so friendly to measure it and post it?

That would be very nice :wink:

^^ The tubing is 1/2" OD ^^

I don’t know any meassures but I begin to believe that it is not strong enough as I know already 3 people that broke their oregon frame: GreeKarl, digger and munirocks

Pics? Thread-Links? Rider-Weight? Scenarios?
I’d like to see the fail point and know how it happened.

Mine broke riding up a fairly steep hill. I don’t do big drops. I weigh about 200 pounds.

Don’t know any detailed Informations. They just asked for an Oregon frame in the german search-trade-offer thread. One broke at one of the drilled holes.
Maybe you ask them directly:

So diameter is 1/2". What is then the wall thickness? And has anybody the exact material of which the frame is made?

UDC says CrMo tubular steel. The most common frame material is 25CrMo4 so its probably this.

@munimag: for me it looks as if the crack started at a spot of local hardness increase caused by welding. Could be caused by false heat threatment. 25CrMo4 needs postheating after welding.

thanks eric and munimag.

More pics of a broken Oregon Frame and interesting review from munirocks here:

That looks to be the very first frame-design, when they had issues with the vent-hole placement. I’m curious if they beefed-up the wall thickness, used better metal, or simply changed the locations of the vent-holes to improve on the strength of the frame.

That’s a great solution Josh! however, before starting to weld on my nicely powdercoated frame, I thought of a different solution to reduce the resonance problem with the D’brake: works exellent untill now!

Nice fix. What material did you use?

D’brake fix

just 2 standard steel rod, 4 or 5 mm I’ll have to check the thickness, and then spraypainted in black.

d’brake fix

a instead of 2 :slight_smile:

Munimag, does your Oregon have the d-brake attachment or is it the older version with a welded on frame brake mount?

Sorry to see a broken Oregon :frowning:

It uses the d-brake attachment.

Just wondering what’s the smallest tyre the rim will support? I really like the Oregon but sometimes I won’t want it for just pure downhill so was thinking of putting a smaller tyre on for the cross country aspects. Thoughts?

Many thanks


Unigeezer was happy with a 2.5 tyre on his and I was running a Maxxis Ardent 2.4 on a Large Marge in a KH frame for a while.

You get a lighter setup but the cushion is no longer here so your expertise is all you have left :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: