Nimbus Impulse 36 disk brake model


UDC Australia or are lucky that we always seem to get the first shipments of the UDC production runs.
Here we have it first again, the world’s first production disk brake unicycle.

I still haven’t had a chance to ride it, I just recieved it this late this afternoon but will have it at the Warburton Cycle fest this weekend.


First mass uni with disk brake!

:astonished: Thats awsome :smiley: Will you be making the disk brake for smaller wheels?

Will you be puting up more specs? Like weight, and what the rim is? Also is this exclusively just going to be sold at UDC Australia?


The specs will be coming, I was just excited about getting them first so took some quick pics but other pics will follow as well. If they are a success with the unicyclist fraternity, I am sure they will work their way down to other size municycles.

I am sure there will be lots of discussion in the future as to the advantages/disadvantages etc so it will be interesting to see the developments.
The rim is the Nimbus 36 with drilled holes to take some weight off

Very exciting news.I’ve been waiting for it to happen,proper disc brakes for unicycles,it makes so much sense and way cheaper and simpler than maggies,the future looks bright.


That’s awesome! I wondered why a company has not come out with a disc mount uni hub yet.

Sweet! Wish there were some better pics of everything though.

This is really cool. I wonder when the hub will be made available. It seems like attaching the caliper would be less of a problem than making a disc hub.

Udc usa???

I really hope someone from UDC USA chimes in here. I would put one of those hubs on my 36-er if it were ISIS and if they make an ISIS hub to fit in my Surly frames… I’d get them too. These frames are steel so all I would need to do is figure out who can weld on the mounts…ahem!.. Bryce? :smiley:

any chance the rim will be available separate? It looks like a nice rim. haha I’m not a fan of brakes in general… sooo this whole unicycle doesn’t really appeal to me haha

Looks cool but I wonder about “snagging” the cable while riding, since it runs loose right along the frame! Also wonder if removing the wheel/tire will be more difficult and time consuming with this brake configuration.


From the UDC picture, it looks like it would be easy to zip-tie it to the frame if it became a problem.

Is the new disk hub narrower than the wide hub and will it fit in nightrider pro frames? Will the wheel be weaker compared to the wider hub? Will the hub fit in nimbus muni frames? Is it only available in ISIS?

Why are folks suddenly not shy to have mounts welded on? how will the hubs work on KH frames… who welds and re-heat treats aluminum frames?

Is it more cost effective to build a wheel (almost the cost of a uni) or just spend the $800 on the whole uni? (is the alternative still ultimately cheaper?)

Can UDC claim to be the first production disk brake available in USA -by end of May? It’s cool to see the unicycle finally come of age with disk brakes!

I can only speak for myself, but I’m certainly not “shy” about weld on mounts. My interest in bolt on mounts is twofold. First, I can buy it, mount it, and ride it without having to wait for someone to attach the mount to my frame. The second reason, which is maybe even more important, is that when I get a new frame I will be able to swap my brake over to it easily without having to buy a new mount and have it welded on. In the two years that I have been riding a uni I have gone through 2 Muni frames, a 29’er frame and 2 36’ers. I probably wouldn’t have bothered with a disc on a 24 MUni, but the rest of the lot had brakes. It would be nice to have a decent brake that could be moved as my needs change.

If you ask me disks on unicycles were long overdue.

I am glad that more than one company now seems to agree with me. :slight_smile:

oddly enough, me too. I would aspire to UDC’s business model. I’m still curious as to the width of the hub, what uni’s it fits, etc… I’m sure they must have thought of a bolt on version and wonder… am I barking up the wrong tree?

Welded mounts are always superior to bolt on mounts but bolt on might be a better option for the retrofit crowd.

I wonder if they made the weld on mounts in a way that you could bolt on the caliper on the other side and also use it on the outboard side.

EDIT: I guess you would have to run the frame backwards for the crank mounted disk to work. probably would not work with the nighrider frame but having a dual standard (works with either/or) would be great on conventional frame designs.

Fantastic news, I was drooling over the old nimbus nightriders…this just makes me even more eager to start riding 36ers!

It also fixes my biggest beef about the Nimbus nightrider unicycles: excessive side to side flexing in the frame making rim brakes rub when climbing or doing aggressive maneuvers.