Nimbus Impulse 36 disk brake model

Even the stiffest frames and wheels will flex and cause brake rub. I’m not the heaviest or strongest rider and I can make the brakes rub on my 29’er.

I think it was only a matter of time that we go to Disc Brakes- it makes so much more sense.

Now we just need some deep aero 36" rims which will be even stiffer and faster. And a lighter tyre and inner tube. Maybe a carbon rim too would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d guess it would be easier with a disc if anything. On both my unicycles with Magura rim brakes the tyre has to be completely deflated to fit between the brakes (unless you remove one of the slave cylinders which is even more of a pain having to line it up again afterwards). With a disc you would be able to remove and refit the wheel without deflating the tyre. I keep forgetting to refit my wheels before pumping the tyre up after mending a puncture or replacing the tyre - real PITA.

Rob NZ will have these in stock very shortly!

ok… we made a mistake. It should not have gone up and is now should be down again. The official announcement with all the details, with lots of photos are coming on about the 10 May.

Just think of this like an apple Iphone glimpse of what is to come soon.


Yeah, sure it is :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a planned leak so you have us all licking our lips in anticipation, with nothing but blurry images to satisfy our hunger until the ‘official announcement’.

Now if one of those could accidentally get stolen like the new Iphone…

somewhone should have bought it before it went down.
then they kinda had to give it away and we could al see the details now!!.

in this world nobody wants to wait to the 10th of may:D

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has done that (more than once).

OOPs…the photographs must have been taken by a spy or a unicycle journalist who tracked us down during rigerous secret testing in the remote outback. That is why they were blurry I guess and this is a good story.

hehehe, “shipping error” man, didn’t get there until may 10th!! wow, I’m so sorry :slight_smile:

If you need someone to take it to a bar, then get drunk and leave it there, I’m your man.

You’ll cover my expenses, yeah?

I was looking at this thread and saw that ITB had posted last. Mmmm I’m thinking why is Sean commenting on a 36" with a disc brake, he must have moved on quite a bit in the last 9 months.
Ahhh I see he’s dragging this thread down to a level we can all relate to.


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OK, now that all the speculation is over and all our questions have been answered, I am going to treat this as the official Nimbus 36" Impulse owner’s thread only because the title fits and I am so new here that I hesitate to start a new thread. So, here goes. I think that I may have made a mistake when I ordered my Impulse because I “upgraded” from the Nimbus Venture crank arms (125’s weigh 330 grams and have zero Q factor for more speed) to the KH Moments double hole 125/150 (these weigh a whopping 586 grams and have 10mm Q factor) because the hills in Kentucky will probably require more torque than my old legs can provide in the 125 hole. It just seems dumb to take the “lightest 36er ever made” and add over a half pound of crank arms. How much weight could I save if I “drill out” my KH 125/150’s? I guess I will invest in a crank extractor and read the FAQ to learn how to install myself a set of Nimbus Ventures. Or, is the versatility of double holes worth the weight?

I suggest sticking with the KH cranks, try them in 125 setting for a few weeks after you’ve mastered the 150 holes. I live in a very hilly area and ride 114’s with no real problems. eventually you get used to it.

I would not put cranks with extra Q on a superwide hub but that is just me.

I would on the other hand hesitate to change cranks on a regular basis with the aluminum spindle on the new hub so dual hole cranks might be a good choice if you need two different sizes.

The crank weight is really not that consequential; the big weight on your 36" is in the rim, tube and tire, which are all rotating well away from the hub.

But, Moments are way heavier than they need to be. It’s definitely nice to have another option.

Hmmmmm my nimbus nightrider weighs in at 19.9 lbs with dual hole moments, MG1 pedals, KH street seat, seatpost, handle and seat stiffener, maggies, schwalbe 29" tube and a Sette computer. Even though I would love to have a disc brake, it’s really not worth it…

I don’t believe you… had you not already gotten a nightrider, you would be happy owning an impulse. Disks are a natural evolution gauging everything else from bikes to cars to unis! the maggies weigh 544g/1.19 lbs per set, an avid juicy is 424g! I’m willing to bet you’ll be tearing around with a disk on your uni someday soon dude.

KH 125/150 v.s Venture crank arms

You have just confirmed my worst fears that extra Q on a wide hub is not good and that a mechanically challenged person like myself (which is why I bought the “turn key” solution) has no business changing the cranks on his brand new (over $1k after you throw in a pair of gloves) unicycle. This versatility was the whole reason that I “upgraded” to the dual hole cranks in the first place! When will I ever learn to trust the designers and use the standard parts that worked so well on the prototype?

I still prefer no brakes. Why complicate things? A unicycle works just fine without breaks anyway. A disc brake is just an expensive way to take away from the feel of unicycling. Turns a challeneging downhill into an easy cruise. I almost feel like brakes are cheating.

the extra q factor won’t be too bad, just cause more wobble when going at higher speeds. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.