Newbies: Isis cheap great uni.

Great advice!

So, learn to go backwards and idle on the torker and then start thinking about a trials/street uni?

Ya, I guess technology advancements are my concern. In about a year when I’ll probably really be ready for a new uni, will they be that much better and cheaper? How fast is technolgy moving in this sport now?

Will I be able to learn things faster on a trials uni?

wow did you still get them for 15? i wish i would have had the money before now its getting more expensive and the components are going up.:frowning:

To be honest I don’t really know how fast unicycle technology is moving, when I bought mine I thought you couldn’t get much better.

Probably the next biggest thing (if they can work out the bugs) will be geard hubs. So youre trials will be able to keep up with a normal 24".

The original price of the uni and the crank upgrades were errors, it really was too good to be true. They aren’t jacking up prices just to make a profit. With the original prices they were actually losing money. They honored the original prices for me after a call only because I placed the order when the cheaper prices were still listed. The customer service at UDC US is truly unparalleled, what people need to realize is that its only three or four people running the entire shop. Think of your local bike shop in the spring or a local ski shop at the beginning of winter - its usually very very busy there and they are only servicing one town. UDC has the same number of people working but are servicing an entire country! Its to be expected that every now and then something will slip through the cracks.

I still totally recommend the uni at its current price.

I think i’m gonna go for the isis street with kh cranks, is the frame 300mm?

Sorry I’m not sure but as an effect of all this pricing stuff, the isis street uni is $100 dollars cheaper, hooray.

Yeah still really awesome.

if it breaks then you give it to skrobo. cause if cody AND hodges cant break it then we see if skrobo can

Yeah i still am planning to get this but when i read your post about the kh cranks only being 15 extra i got excited then depressed two posts later:p
Yeah you got a sick deal. It thought the crank upgrade was to cheap because on the Nimbus X Street the upgrade costs 52 for the Moment cranks.

Mine should be here Wednesday, I can’t wait. Expect a nice big review of it once I get a chance to ride it around a bit.

Can’t wait. I’m getting mine around November or December.If i haven’t got enough money by November i will probably just get the uni for Christmas.

I got to ride one (completely stock) today.

Overall, a very good soiid uni and a good deal.

It is noticably lighter than my Qu-ax trials.

The only bad things I have to say about it:

That cranks that come with it are absolutely terrible looking. I was unable to put the pedals on with a normal wrench because of the peculiar shape of the crank. They look really weak.

The pedals seem pretty crappy as well. They are VERY grippy and have removable pins that screw in on the front and back of the pedal and not from behind. They spin very poorly on the spindle.

Aside from those things, everyone else seems good. The seat and seatpost are very nice.

This was a friends unicycle…so I didn’t get to ride it much.

I’ll leave it to Brian to give a more detailed review.

I want this more every day especially since I just bent the cranks on my lx. I plan on putting oddesy pedals on any ways and can upgrade the cranks later.

I would recommend upgrading the cranks with your purchase, you’ll save money. I think Brian said it’s $50 extra to swap out the pieces of crap for KH moments.

are the cranks really that bad?
I think I probably will wait till i can upgrade them since you save ~$30

they raides the price too bad

They look like low-end cotterless cranks. They are very thin and nearly impossible to stand on. I also wasn’t able to put the pedals on with a wrench because of the peculiar shape of the crank. I had to use the really thing wrench-like tool that came with the uni to get the pedals on.

I mean if you don’t have the money, don’t worry about it too much. But I prefer the cranks on my qu-ax, torker, and the qu-ax cotterless cranks I have on my Coker over them as far as shape is concerned.

You lose money if you wait to upgrade them, because then you pay full price of both sets of cranks.

ok i think i will just wait till Christmas and get a great uni that i wont need to worry about upgrades on for a while.
hopefully Brian’s uni comes tommorow sinces that is what I am now planning on minus the carbon fiber seat.

Yea I’m anxious to hear Brian’s review. I think his uni is going to be awesome.

The UPS tracker says its currently out for delivery, I’ll have it today wooo!

Sorry for the useless post.