Newbies: Isis cheap great uni.

We will all be waiting on the results :slight_smile:

Yep. If we want a really good test give it to Cody or somebody like that.

No that would be a unfair test. Cody and Joe destroy even the best unicycles. skrobo sounds like a good candidate.

time will tell how quickly those cranks will go. thats pretty much the only untested componenet here. Either way if they break there are easy and good replacements.

Exactly which is why you shouldn’t get the dx.

i have that hub, but i use Tensile cranks. The hub is the same as the KH just a different colour and little design issues.

but you won’t break the DX…

The cranks are easy to replace. Plus you can get the ones you like.

I have a teammate that takes his 24" DX off of 7-9 stair sets pretty often. After 2 years of that his hub is starting to get a nice jiggle to it when you pedal but other than that it’s not too bad. I’d expect this from any non profile/KH hub to be honest. The 2 year old Qu-Ax 20" we have also does this a little and it uses a stronger hub than the torker DX I think (the yellow splined qu-ax hub). I don’t think its a matter of the DX being bad but the other cycles on the market being stronger as opposed to just strong. After seeing the DX take these jumps over and over, I think I’d trust its frame over that stock “same as every other nimbus” uni frame. I’ve broken one of those $42 nimbus frames removing a seatpost before…

Wow you must have really needed that seat post quick or something.

well I didn’t break it…I bent it.

Well I was considering getting this uni but I went and talked to a friend who owns a bike shop and he was saying the isis hubs are giving him lots of trouble. He was saying that they are breaking easily and are a pain to repair. sooooo

Do you mean just uni hubs or the isis axles on bikes.

Its only 15 dollars to upgrade the cranks to KH cranks. Theres no reason at all anyone shouldn’t do that.

Mine has been ordered so expect a nice long detailed review from me in a week or two.

Thats a deal! Awesome I can’t wait.

Does he ride the ISIS hubs used on unis?

A know a few people now who use the Nimbus ISIS hub, and do some pretty hard stuff on it (Hard enough that it would normally break a cotterless) and it holds up fine. Nice and solid.

maybe on bikes but not on a uni.

The majorly upped the price to upgrade to KH cranks. Its now 50 dollars instead of 15.

They also upped the price of the whole unicycle. Now it’s showing $255. :frowning:

I have a question. This is a Nimbus trials specific noob question. I’ve got a Torker 24 inch LX, so far it’s doing very well (but hasn’t been abused too much yet). To give you an idea of my skill level. I’ve been at it for about a week, I can ride forward pretty much indefinately, I’m still a little shaky on sharp right turns, I can hop 15-20 times and around in a circle, I can ride standing and I can free mount with the left foot and by jumping onto the pedals. When I got the 24 I wasn’t entirely sure what direction I wanted to go, but now I’m pretty sure I want to persue street type unicycling. If it matters, I’m 5’11" (1.8M) and 175 lbs (79 kg).

Should I get the Nimbus trials ISIS now? Or should I continue to learn on the torker 24 LX. Do you think a better deal might come along, this winter, next summer?

The Nimbus seem like a great deal (especially if I can get it for $228, not as great at $255), I don’t want to be kicking myself for not taking advantage.

What say ye?

I would learn to go backwards and idle at least.

As for buying it now, I don’t have much advise I thought that the nimbus hoppley was a fantastic unicycle when I bought it (it still is) but guess what now theres something better, lighter, more flexible, and cheaper that has replaced it.

If you wait it might get cheaper, might not, might get stronger, might get lighter…etc you get the point.