Newbies: Isis cheap great uni. This is a great uni better than the other nimbus se trials because they use a weak hub/cranks. I would also say it is better than the dx seeing as it has massive clearance. Basically it is a much much better uni at a lower price. I know the Qu-ax’s are better along with the kh and onza, but if that is not in your price rang this is a great uni. I wish this would have been out when I started I now have a dx wheel-set with the nimbus 2 frame and a kh seat so basically I made one not as good for much more.

in you opinion which one is better that or this

What I posted it has a re branded kh hub (one of the strongest) and that used a cortless hub (square tapper) which break with heavy use while splined set ups take much more.

sooooo you wuld take the first one?

Yes… did you even read his first post?

Haha yeah. You would have to ask other people about the onza(ISIS) qu-ax’s(NOW ISIS) I don’t know much about them. I have heard some of people like tensile (onza cranks) over moments though. I am going to get my some 100mm qu-ax cranks I hope for my street uni. So yeah just about everything runs isis now except for torker so now there really is no reason at all to even think about a torker of any kind. The nimbus isis trials is better AND you can pick up your preferred pedals for the same price.

People that prefer the tensile cranks prefer them for Trials, they aren’t good at all for flatland.

I wonder how much upgrading the cranks on the Nimbus ISIS trials to moment cranks would cost. That is the uni I’m buying. I’m going to get the Nimbus ISIS without a seat or seatpost (I just got a Scott Wallis CF base and thomson post) and upgrade the cranks to the 137mm moments while switching out the pedals for Odyssey Twisted plastics.

That is ging to be on kickass uni brian.

I know, I’m excited. I’m getting the frame powder coated lime green so that will look cool with all the black components. I just got the CF base and Thomson post in today and they are simply amazing. I refuse to ride with a plastic base ever again.

I know after a cf everything feels so blah. What was the cost of both those Brian? Was it that hard to get a hold of him because I was thinking of getting a sw base.

are you sure the thomson will fit your new frame?

if yes, be sure to make a photo of your whole uni and post it :slight_smile:

Yea, he has it on his torker right now…which I’m pretty sure is 25.4mm. The nimbus 2 is 25.4mm as well. It’s going to be sick I can’t wait to see it brian.

Why won’t they just sell the hub and cranks? I’d Like to put this hub on a 36" :frowning:

I got the undrilled base which was $125 and then an extra $10 for the spacer kit so I could use the KH handle and bumper. I got the Thomson post for $40 (an amazing deal) on the trade forums, its the 25.4mm like Chexjc said so it will work with the Nimbus II frame fine. I will be a few weeks before I get it powder coated but I’m ordering it tomorrow. I’ll be sure to get some pictures up.

One of the biggest selling point of the SW base over the normal UDC one is that Scott will replace or repair it if anything goes wrong so if you somehow manage to break your base you aren’t out $95 dollars (UDC jacked the price up). I also love the adjust ability the base gives with the thomson post, it’s amazing. If you plan to get a base from Scott you should do it soon because he said he won’t be making any more for a very long time. It wasn’t hard at all to get a hold of him, just send him over an email from his site and he responds super quick. Be sure to let him know I sent you if you end up doing it. :wink:

I wonder how CKCrowe is handling this…

I believe he is crying himself to sleep saying why why? what did I do to deserve this nooooooooooooooooooooo… haha no probably will just say torker is good and is still better like always when now it is not.

ISIS doesn’t mean strong. Different materials could be used. SO we need some testing to see how they hold up.

I’m not really against it, just looking at all angles.

I get what you mean, but if it is basiaclly a kh hub the only thing would be the cranks which are easy to get.

give me that wheelset, i’ll put the KH cranks on and take it down a 10 set 15 times… then a 12 set then i’ll to an 8 foot drop … i don’t think that hub will handle it for some reason.

i have done all the above to my KH … its fine.

thats a good test… for most people…

Yeah how about you get it yourself =p.