New Year's Resolutions - 1 wheel wise

  1. Pick and train for a track event for NAUCC 2006 (Memphis in July).
  2. Coordinate at least one MUni Rendezvous Camping Weekend. Seriously looking at South-central Arkansas (google Mount Ida) to attract Oklahomans and bring up those Texans. (More than one might be tough in 2006 with NAUCC, the unltimate Rendezvous, coming here in the summer). By the way, we have a very well respected BBQ place called “The Rendezvous”.
  3. XXXX XXX XXXXX. I can’t tell you this one, because then Tommy will practice 14 hours a day until he can do it. Presently the score is something like 48 skills to 1 in his vavor. I can kick-up mount.
  4. Pimp my Coker. Rail adapter and gel seat to start…
  1. Getting gliding down
  2. Learn that 360 unispin that has been bugging me for soo long.
  3. Learn to crankflip
  4. Attend SUC II (swedish unicycle convention 2)
  5. Increase my hopping height to 80 cm.

Learn some street stuff
Do the MUni, many many times (this one seriously shouldn’t be hard)
Attend one unicycle event (preferably a unitour)
Do all the skills required for mock-level 8
Learn every trick on my to-do list
Buy a coker

I’m sure most of that is within reach. I have about 20 near-impossible things on my to-do list though, so that one might be tough :wink:

ride a LOT more often.
I’d like to pimp my Coker too.
possibly get a MUni.
go to Moab!!! I hope…
also, do some serious long distance riding. I want to successfully be able to do a century on my coker by the end of 2006.

  1. Get a MUni
  2. Get a Freestyle
  3. Get a coker

My wallet will be very light after this year.

mine are as follows:

  1. Get gliding down (i can do aboot 4 feet now, then i fall forward)
  2. Finish my BC plates/wheel and learn how to ride it
  3. Make me my coker. (i’m making the frame)
  4. Improve my personal life. (ok, so this isn’t uni-wise, but y’know…)

1.Be less stupid
2.Do more useful post
3.Try to be atleast be funny while posting this type of post on this type of thread

does that make sense?

OH man you need to go to moab. you, me, forrest and catboy cepresenting the MR team or something.

That would be great fun.

About four years ago, I had an old Pashley 20 inch that I could ride, and could freemount with about 50% success rate. I made it my resolution to be able to idleby the ned of the year. By the end of that year, I had bought a new 26 MUni, and a new 20, swiftly followed by a Coker, then a 28. I had also learned to idle. :roll_eyes:

In 2006? Get out of the comfort zone. Ride on Dartmoor more, and in the peak district. Do at least a metric 100, and possibly a 100 miler. Start to do small hops and drops where needed in the flow of a MUni ride. Upgrade or change my Muni. Write shorter stories with less repetitive detail.

  1. Persuade mikefule not to do shorter stories.
  2. Get a coker and ride it.
  3. Get good at riding backwards.
  4. Go to BUC and EJC.
  5. Improve at uni hockey and play some more games.
  6. Celebrate 1 year of riding.

And lots more I expect.


New years Uni-resolutions

  1. Meet some of you in person!
  2. Organize a successful Tour da Yoop.
  3. Attain level 5. I’m an unofficial level 4 with some level 5 and 6 skills.
  4. Buy no more unis.
  5. Be the proud mom of a unicycler (He’s almost riding!)
  6. Teach at least one adult how to uni.
  7. Attend NAUCC in Memphis!

get grinding down better and be able to ride away.
thats about it.

the what team?

oh, and i forgot one:
-Not die.

I cant really think of much, but I want to

a) be able to do stuff consistantly, and keep it learned once I learn somthing

b) do stuff without excesive corrective hops, prehops, setup hops, etc. I can do that, I just don’t because I’m lazy…

Also I want to try to go to two big uni events, Moab and somthing else, maybe CMW…

MR= [THREAD=21964]Most Replys[/THREAD]

now that im getting a trials for x mas… get a good side hop…
take my uni to the skatepark and grind stuff… well learn to grind
and do trials and stuff…
get sideways ww down
helped my friend whos getting seriosu about uning to a level 5
and hes getting a torker lx and we are making it a Guni
oh yeah go to naucc and meets some fellow uni folks


  1. Find a lot more time to ride.
  2. Finish my 2004 and 2005 resolutions
  3. Buy a freestyle, sell my trials uni
  4. Learn to count
  5. Master all the little stuff I need for levels 4, 5, and 6… I have the majority, but I need to learn the left side of stuff.
  6. BC more.
  1. Buy a Coker.
  2. Backward seat drag in front and back with transitions.
  3. Solid seat in front backward wheel walk and stand-up wheel walk seat-on-side.
  4. Coasting and stand-up gliding pirouettes.
  5. Be able to do everything on the skill levels, except the backward spin and pirouette reasonably consistently.
  6. At least work on the backward spin, if not actually learn it.
  7. Seat on side one-footed.
  8. Get better at handride.
  9. Learn a really hard trick on my giraffe, possibly side ride, cross over, unispin, or coasting.
  10. Work on developing combos and smooth transitions so I can put together a good freestyle performance.

Well since I did most of my last years resolutions (level 10, buy a Muni, etc.) for this next years I’ll try to do these:

  1. Buy a trials and practice on it
  2. Go to NAUCC and UNICON
  3. Learn how to crankflip (PM me if you have any hints onhow to learn)
  4. Learn a couple of those sweet ass moves in Defect (mostly Dan Heaton’s tricks/transitions)
  5. Learn to do a 360 unispin, sideride or cross over on my 12 footer.

OK, the last one might not happen but I can dream…

Since it is really hard to forsee what is going to happend…
One year ago, i had a hard time riding my trainer 20" because i only had the stock tyre, and snow outside, to go along with my bent and slippery stock pedals.

Now i’m a level 6 rider, i own 5 unicycles (not counting my old trainer that i sold), and i feel quite secure without the training wheel.

Lets just hope next year will be as good!
That i keep enjoying unicycling as i do now, and that i learn some really freaky tricks to get the “where’s your other wheel”-people to shut up.

I promise i will change my trials seatbase to a carbon one, apart from that, i leave it to fate to decide :wink:

I’m going to ride Strathpuffer and not die.

I’ll work it from there. I think doing one of the stupidest mountain bike races ever devised right at the start of the year gives me a get out from doing stupid stuff for the rest of the year.

Oh and I want to organise the British Unicycle Bivvi Bag Adventure, which will be bivvying and muniing somewhere remote.

And organise more weekends of riding and camping. Especially ones like the Peaks Muni Trip I organised last year, where everyone is super fast and pushing themselves hard.