New Year's Resolutions - 1 wheel wise

Well, my LAST years resolutions were super easy, and I finished them in about 5 months, so I’ve thought up some more now.

Apart from the two little things I already mentioned, I want to:

Land 540 unispins

Grind a handrail, down stairs

do more grinds period, and grind tricks/combos

Be able to SIF side hop at least 30" high, consistantly

Static gap over 6 feet…couple inches

Finish learning standupww backwards

Learn sideways ww

Unispin down, oh, 3 stairs

Find more stairs, jump at least a 7

Not die

Ride more muni


Learn to coast more than 2 feet

Not die…

And thats it for me…

unispins and crankflips (hopefully consistently and whilst rolling)

hop higher

Wheel walk, one foot wheel walk, glide.

I dont think ill beable to do these but:

Pass level 10 (officially) at NAUCC 2006

Learn crankflips

crankflip down stairs

unispin down stairs

stand up glide

hop 4 pallets

cant think of anything else right now


  1. Firgure out what T-Max is working on.
  2. Host all my uni-buddies at the NAUCC
  3. Continue to build the St. George’s (School) Unicycle Club and the MUC.
  4. Build a portable uni hockey rink
  5. Ride my unicycle up and down all the state capitol steps of the Atlantic states and New England.
  6. Organize a freestyle workshop in Memphis featuring Connie Cotter -April, 2006
  7. Attend the Muni Weekend Rendezvous that T-Max is organizing.
  8. Get my 16 year old daughter back on her unicycle.

Good luck to all of you fulfilling your resolutions.


i’ll be keeping the same MUni for an entire year. it may be ruff but i think i have finaly found the real one wheel deal.

muni more… like… way more… dont hurt my knees…
moab? i will try

  1. Have fun in 2006

  2. Survive to have even more fun in 2007 and beyond

  3. Just keep on having even more fun

  4. Understand what my limitations are, then ignore them

  1. Buy a freestyle & a coker
  2. Work on WW->1ftWW->Gliding
  3. General Trials Skills in Preparation for BUC in May.
  4. Do LOTS more muni, possibly including Ben Nevis.
  5. Ride in a Ski Resort (in Scotland probably)




1 footed wheelwalk


hop higher

jump more than 2 stairs

and some other things.

Not in order of importance

  1. Ride more (muni, coker, trials)
  2. Take a uni more often when I travel
  3. Complete the IUF WR project on time
  4. Add a couple of uni skills (suitable for an old geezer)
  5. Take my kids to some Uni events
  6. Be a better person

thats a good one.